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Weekend music: NRPS

Posted by Richard on July 3, 2011

When a song keeps running through your head and won't go away, some people call that an earwig. I hadn't heard "Lonesome L.A. Cowboy" in ages, and all of a sudden there it was — an earwig. Been hearing it in my head for several days now. So I've found it on YouTube, listened to it several times (great song!), and now I'm posting it. Maybe that will get it out of my head — so something else can take its place. 🙂

[YouTube link]

Aw, heck, if I'm going to post some New Riders of the Purple Sage, I really should include "Panama Red," shouldn't I? 

[YouTube link]

And as a bonus, here's a nice live performance (1972) of "Hello Mary Lou," with some sweet pedal steel guitar work by Buddy Cage.

[YouTube link]

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