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What a difference a year makes

Posted by Richard on April 11, 2006

[Update, 12/29/06: Lots of you are arriving at this post via Google Images, looking for pictures of the December storm. I have some here. Also, there’s an update posted here, and I may add some pictures to it later. Thanks for dropping by!]

Springtime in Denver can be unpredictable, wildly variable, and interesting. On April 10, 2005, Denver looked like this:

Denver snowstorm

Twenty inches of snow. Blizzard conditions. Highways shut down.

On April 10, 2006, it looked like this:

Washington Park in spring

Officially, at the airport, it was 79°. In town, we were in the low 80s.

Tomorrow? A cold front passes through, Denver drops to 59° (about average for this time of year), and the mountains get more snow. Sunny down here, though. If you wanted to, you could play a round of golf in the morning and then drive up to Loveland for some spring skiing.

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4 Responses to “What a difference a year makes”

  1. VRB said

    Is Loveland borrowing our logo?

    See Philly’s Love Park.

  2. bernie said

    Obviously global warming kicked in and heated up the planet by 30 degrees.

    We’re enjoying nice weather here in New Jersey likewise.

  3. Sami said

    Life is SO unfair! I grew up w/ snow but now I live in TN, aka the No Snow Zone.

  4. Sami said

    Life is SO unfair! I grew up w/ snow but now I live in TN, aka the No Snow Zone.

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