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What about Syria?

Posted by Richard on March 26, 2011

Various critics have wondered why President Obama felt compelled to stop Moammar Gaddafi from attacking his own people, but doesn't feel compelled to stop Bashar Assad from attacking the Syrian people. I say give it time.

The Obama administration debated and dithered for 4-5 weeks after the slaughter of civilians in Libya began before it acted. The Syrian army has only been gunning down civilians for a few days.

It's quite possible that the US will be ready to take action against Syria by mid to late April. Assuming, of course, that Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton — the three women with the big cojones in this administration — prevail again.

Some conservatives have pointed out that if you're going to use the US military to protect civilians from their own governments, there are multiple candidates in Africa, starting with Zimbabwe. I think there's zero chance of that. Robert Mugabe is a hard-core Marxist. And one thing is clear about this administration: it has no bone to pick with Marxists or socialists anywhere. 

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