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When squirrels attack

Posted by Richard on June 15, 2007

Here in Denver, the phrase "squirrel problem" has lately referred to dead ones, killed by bubonic plague. At least a couple of dozen dead squirrels that tested positive for plague have been found in city parks, along with at least one cat and a monkey at the Denver Zoo.

The latter two made some of us higher primates a bit nervous, suggesting that the virulent disease was getting closer to our place in the food chain. But I don't think too many people feel threatened by squirrels. It's not as if they're rabid and likely to attack us. Like they do in Germany

An aggressive squirrel went on the rampage in southern Germany on Tuesday, injuring three people. But a 72-year-old pensioner finally put a stop to the mayhem, killing the creature stone dead with his crutch. Now the dead animal is being examined for rabies.

It was not the first incident of squirrel invasions in Germany. Just last year a family of raucous squirrels stormed (more…) an elderly couple's home in Germany, triggering an elaborate 90-minute fire brigade operation. But, although the squirrels didn't go without a fight, no one was injured in that incident.

Craig Ferguson did a great riff about the German attack squirrel last night (the video may be available later on this page under "Show and Tell"). He opined that this is something really frightening — squirrels that are not just psychotic, but also German. It won't be long, Ferguson warned, before they gather together and start marching, marching across Europe. French squirrels, he said, have already surrendered.

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2 Responses to “When squirrels attack”

  1. T F Stern said

    “French squirrels, he said, have already surrendered.”

    What would you expect?

  2. rgcombs said

    I expect better from the Sarkozy squirrels. 😉

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