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A bar full of John Does

Posted by Richard on April 3, 2007

There's been some murmuring lately about 24 jumping the shark, and it's coming from a variety of sources. But despite the fact that a few plot developments have made me groan, I'm still enjoying this season, and I think the series still sports far more positives than negatives.

Tonight's episode featured a groaner — Gredenko, in whose arm CTU had implanted a radio-isotope for tracking, decided, "Screw my immunity agreement! Chop off my arm with that handy axe and let's run for it!"

But it also had a scene that made me cheer. Gredenko and Fayed ran into a crowded bar. The news was on the TV. Gredenko pointed at Fayed and yelled something like, "Look, it's that terrorist they're looking for!" A patron agreed, "Yeah, that's him," and Fayed fired at a ducking and running Gredenko. In an instant, practically everybody in the bar jumped Fayed, and they proceeded to beat the crap out of him. Jack Bauer had to save his sorry ass. Woohoo!

That brief bar scene was so great I forgave them for the preceding silliness. It made the statement that the spirit of United 93 is alive and well among the American people. The episode was written and shot long before Michelle Malkin issued The John Doe Manifesto, but that's exactly the attitude that it exemplified. The bar was full of John Does! I like to believe this country is full of John Does.

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