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A Democrat whose eyes were opened

Posted by Richard on November 4, 2010

The Daily Beast has a post entitled "5 Best Moments from MSNBC's Apocalyptic Night." Assuming you're not one of the 6637 people who actually watched MSNBC's election-night coverage, you might find these video clips amusing, enlightening, disturbing, and/or entertaining. 

But the real reason for this post is Blue-eyed blue's comment on the above:

I get it now, I know why America has had it with liberals. I was at what was suppose to be a victory party for a local democratic politician last night… it was a concession speech. MSNBC was on TV half of the room cheered some of the comments by the MSNBC team while others were embarrased. Except when Bachman was on – they all cheered when he called her in a trance, then she dropped the big one…. the tingly feeling comment smacked Matthews and silenced the room. Right then I knew why America looks down on us libs and the night just fell apart from there.

But that was not the worst of it. As results from the rest of Florida came in, my fellow dems got ugly. The continuous racial remarks about Marco Rubio and Allen West got down right ugly, words I would never utter myself and was shocked that democrats would speak them so openly in public. Then came the results that Lizbeth Benacquisto, a republican state senate candidate had won. She got national press for responding to her opponentsTV adds about abortion and rape with her own rape expirience. I was shocked with the remarks from a prominent local lesbian who told our little group in quite graphic terms of what she would do to her. That was it – I left the party.

After the results from last night, the comments of MSNBC, the people I thought were my fellow dems and dreading having to go in to work today and face little miss tea party in my office I was close to calling in sick. But I held my head up and dragged my ass in, I got my coffee and waited for that smug little Palin wannabee to let me have it. Instead she came up to me and put her hand on my shoulder and asked how I was doing. I sat in my office and realized she has treated me with much more respect than I had been treating her but I was just not open to see it.

I get it, there is a reason why we lost last night, there is a reason why msnbc is getting whooped by fox, if we continue to go down that path we will lose everything and I don't want to be like the vile people I was with last night or the pompous panel on msnbc. I'm not joining the tea party or anything but we in the democratic party better use last night as a reality check because the rest of America is leaving us behind.

Bravo to Blue-eyed blue. Bravo to "little miss tea party." (And a great big wet raspberry to the maroons at MSNBC.)

HT: David Aitken (via email), who has resumed posting. Hurray! 

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