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A genuinely liberal person must walk away from the left

Posted by Richard on May 23, 2005

Like Michelle Malkin, Roger L. Simon, and others, I urge you to read Keith Thompson’s latest column, "Leaving the Left." Unlike them, I’m linking to the column at Thompson’s own website, not at the SF Chronicle. That way, you can also check out his blog and some of his other writings.  Don’t miss "Busting the Moral Equivalence Racket":

Here’s the fundamental distinction that makes moral equivalence a grotesque joke. American society has evolved beyond the blood-red barbarism of the twelfth century. The Islamist cultures of bin Laden and Zarqawi have not. The West passed through a dynamic fulcrum called the European Enlightenment. As a result, individual freedom and self-determination are treasured values, and conflicts are resolved by reason and argument rather than recourse to custom, authority and prejudice. The Islamic world has not undergone a comparable transformation.

The radically relativist postmodern left typically responds that there’s no valid basis for making universally based value judgments about right and wrong, good and evil. But the deconstructionist credo that universal value judgments lack validity is itself a universal value judgment, one that smacks itself upside the head and cancels its own claim.  

Simply brilliant. RTWT.

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