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A great Broncos moment

Posted by Richard on September 20, 2009

Today's blowout victory over the Cleveland Browns was pretty satisfying, maybe even a bit surprising, given the low expectations many of us had for this team. The defense looked impressive — and Elvis Dumervil looked superhuman — against a Browns offense that must be judged suspect.

The offense looked OK. Barely so for the first three quarters. They sputtered in the red zone way too often — four times, wasn't it? — against a Browns defense that must be judged suspect. But later in the game, about the time that visiting teams often start sucking wind at Mile High, they looked pretty damned good. They actually had a running game! The offensive line opened up running lanes like the ones we remember from the good old days, when anyone recruited off the street could gain a hundred yards. 

It will be interesting to see what they look like against a more potent opponent, like Dallas or New England. 

But the great Broncos moment didn't take place during the game. Some people think it was before the game. Shannon Sharpe, who was being inducted into the Broncos Ring of Fame at half-time, and who has always been the master of bravado and showmanship, parachuted onto the field. Pretty cool, I'll admit. 

But the moment that I'll long remember was at half-time, when they unveiled Sharpe's Ring of Fame entry. The always cool, always cocky Sharpe stood there with tears streaming down his cheeks. 

Shannon, I think it choked up a lot of us fans, too. Thanks for all those wonderful years! You were a class act, on and off the field, and you still are. 

UPDATE: It occurs to me that some readers (especially those in the east) may not be familiar with Shannon Sharpe — even though he's either the #1 or #2 tight end ever to play the game. The stats tell you what a player he was. Here's a clip to show you what a character he was: 

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