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A pretty smart cat

Posted by Richard on June 3, 2005

From the sidebar at the Conservative Cat blog:

The Thoughts of Chairman Meow

UPDATE: Ferdy was kind enough to point me to the archive from which the sidebar items are randomly selected. The item above is here.

UPDATE 2: And if you go poking around Ferdy’s archive, don’t miss the single best sentence ever uttered by a cat, which ought to be carved in marble somewhere:

Socialism is an idea; capitalism is a law of nature.

The accompanying Flash "movie" is well worth watching, if you’re able to. It may be just my browser and resolution combination, but the right side of the yellow box — the side that has the button you click to advance to the next "frame" — was cut off for me. I figured out I could advance to the next "frame" by right-clicking the yellow box and selecting Forward or Play. Honestly, it’s worth the hassle.

If you’re a true Econ geek (I have a degree in Econ), read all the comments, too. There’s some pretty good give and take between Ferdy and a pretty bright critic named Stephen Newton — I think Ferdy ends up winning, but then I’m partial to cats.

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