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Annan scolds the West

Posted by Richard on April 13, 2005

Captain Ed is on fire over a NY Times op-ed by Kofi Annan about Sudan. Read the whole thing, but here’s a tasty sample from his conclusion:

The last person to lecture the US, the West, and the world on accountability should be Kofi Annan. Had he any shred of honor, he long ago would have resigned his post in the face of the collapse of his credibility on this point alone. The editorial board of the New York Times should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this abomination on its pages, and its tacit endorsement of Annan as global scold should cement its reputation as a clueless, inept, and outrageously biased media outlet which has no further credibility to speak on international affairs.

Kofi is concerned that "donor countries" (i.e., nations whose citizens have been left free enough to produce wealth that can then be redistributed via the UN) don’t always fulfill their aid pledges. "But hungry people cannot eat pledges," he notes.

Hey, I’ve got an idea. Why doesn’t he put his son Kojo and, oh, maybe a trusted associate like Benon Sevan in charge of an agency to ensure that all the promised aid reaches the Sudan. That would work, wouldn’t it?

And to stop the Janjaweed rapes in Darfur, he could bring in the peacekeepers who’ve been serving in the Congo, couldn’t he?

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