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Another MSM attack on Palin

Posted by Richard on October 31, 2008

Last night, ABC's Nightline featured another attempt to smear Gov. Sarah Palin. But I think they made a strategic mistake. They interspersed their reports of purported anonymous McCain campaign insiders purportedly criticizing Palin for going "off the reservation" in recent appearances with actual footage of Palin speaking at those appearances.

I thought she was great in those clips and cheered what she said. I suspect I'm not the only one who had that reaction.

If the McCain-Palin campaign emerges victorious (which the less-rigged polls suggest is a real possibility), I think much of the credit belongs to Sarah Palin.

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6 Responses to “Another MSM attack on Palin”

  1. Hathor said

    Y’all can dish it out, but can’t take it.

    If Palin had been trashed as much as Obama (being called everything, but a son of god), calling her a hooker would have been to good.

  2. bluelyon said

    This is the same BS that the MSM did to Hillary as well. I worked on her campaign and a more loyal group of people you could not find. “Anonymous” campaign workers? My hind end? Since we have No Idea who these people are, why are we supposed to give their “off the record” remarks any credence? Just more of the same MSM / Obama Haka.

  3. rgcombs said

    I don’t know who “Y’all” is supposed to be, but I can take it. In fact (and I thought I made this clear), I was ”pleased” by the ”Nightline” report because the actual footage of Palin so effectively undercut their smear attempt.

    I think fair-minded viewers could, as bluelyon suggested, see through their BS and not give those “anonymous sources” any credence. So I think it was a plus for Palin. 🙂

  4. Hathor said

    Your attacks, in your eyes, are pure truth rather than irrational paranoia. Draw inferences that does call Obama anything but a child of god. You are a flamethrower and have the nerve to be upset with the attacks on Palin. Lets us hope that if she ever were to become president she wouldn’t have an invocation where her failings blamed on Obama’s family in Kenya.

  5. rgcombs said

    Time to adjust the meds.

  6. Hathor said

    Too bad there aren’t meds for your condition.

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