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Are Dems smarter than they seem?

Posted by Richard on September 20, 2005

Steve at ThoughtsOnline had a novel theory — maybe the best theory ever — to explain Democratic behavior. He’d noticed Ace’s prediction of how Bush would address the Katrina recovery:

…  Bush will do what he always does when he feels political heat. Spend, baby. Spend like the wind.

Anyway. That’s Bush. Everytime he gets caught politically flat-footed, he opens up our collective wallet to buy himself out of trouble.

So, Steve thought about this and had a truly awesome idea (emphasis added):

…which got me thinking. What if the Democrats aren’t attacking Bush because they dislike him, or because they’re really opposed to regime change in Iraq, or because they equate him with Hitler, or because they really oppose the FBI looking into library records, or because they are really dissatisfied with the federal response to Katrina, but because they know that his Pavlovian, knee-jerk response to criticism is to throw money at anything and everything around him?

In fact, Steve suggests that maybe the Dems nominated losers the last two elections because they didn’t want to win:

Think about it for a second. Bush, a REPUBLICAN, has presided over one of the largest, if not the largest, expansions in federal spending of any President in recent memory. Federal expenditures are far higher than the Democrats ever could have dreamed of with Gore or Kerry in the White House. There’s so much money flowing out of Washington that the Democrats would have to be crazy to want anyone else in the White House. Were there a Democrat President, then the GOP majority in Congress would be up to its usual obstructionist self, and there would be a whole lot less money getting spent. But with Bush in the White House, the last thing the GOP will do is try to stand in the way of a damaged President trying to redeem himself.

OK, I realize this is pretty far-fetched. The Dems would have to be pulling off some gigantic conspiracy orchestrated by someone who makes Karl Rove look like a half-wit. But ask yourself this: How would our current domestic political situation be different if Steve’s theory were true? Doesn’t it explain just everything??

I hereby declare it false but accurate.

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