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At least dozens for real this time

Posted by Richard on April 6, 2010

On March 27, the Tea Party Express kicked off their latest cross-country tour with a "retire Harry Reid" rally in the senator's home town of Searchlight, NV. According to credible sources, 10,000 or more attended. According to CNN, it was "at least dozens of people."

Yesterday, Sen. Reid kicked off his reelection campaign in Searchlight. With the help of 100 supporters.

So this time, CNN could have honestly described the turnout as "at least dozens of people." But of course, this time they didn't mention the crowd size. They were too busy reporting that Reid "put supporters in hysterics" with a Palin joke.

Let's try writing a better lede for CNN's story: "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid kicked off his reelection campaign Monday in front of at least dozens of hysterical supporters." I like it! 🙂

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