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Attend your local Tax Day Tea Party

Posted by Richard on April 14, 2010

I hope you'll take some time away from work and/or last-minute number crunching tomorrow to attend a Tax Day Tea Party in your area. Tea Party Patriots lists over 750 such scheduled events, and you can find one near you by city, state, or ZIP code.

I'm taking the day off to attend the Denver Tea Party. Like all good Denver rallies, it's at the State Capitol, and it's scheduled for 10 AM to 1 PM. If you're going, too, look for me and say hi — I'll be the, um, "mature" fellow with a beard wearing an "Infidel" t-shirt.

If you've never been to a Tea Party rally, you'll be amazed at how friendly, good-natured, and diverse the crowd is. But keep your eye out for leftist "Crash the Tea Party" infiltrators pretending to be Nazis, bigots, and yahoos in an effort to discredit the movement. You might want to bring a pocket videocam to capture the fun — and the truth.

Remember what the left taught us: "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." So get out there and be patriotic! 🙂

UPDATE: Ann Althouse has some good advice on dealing with leftist tea-party crashers. Some good comments, too, like this by Fred4Pres: 

I have been to a few tea party events and they are about as edgy as a Rotary or Lions Club meeting. If someone is making a complete jackass of themselves, I am going to conclude that person is a Kos Kid.

(HT: Instapundit)

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