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Bogus photo arguments

Posted by Richard on May 5, 2011

There may be a good reason for not releasing the photos of bin Laden's corpse, but I haven't heard it. This nonsense about the photos representing a "national security risk" certainly isn't a convincing one. Bin Laden preached a gross perversion of Islam, right? And all the good Muslims are glad he's gone, right? So the "backlash" and anti-Americanism that the administration and its supporters are worried about would have to come from supporters of bin Laden and al Qaeda, right?

News flash: they already hated us and wanted to see the Great Satan destroyed. They already know we killed their leader. How much more anti-American can those pictures make them?

But here's what really galls me about these arguments: the people who are now so terribly concerned that these photos might inflame Muslim public opinion and incite violence against the US are the same people who insisted that every panty-on-the-head, jihadist-humiliating picture from Abu Ghraib had to be disseminated far and wide, regardless of the consequences. 

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