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Boogie to Baghdad

Posted by Richard on November 18, 2005

"Bush lied about WMD" has become a thoroughly tiresome lie. The 1998 Clinton/Democrat statements about Iraqi WMD that a simple Google search turns up are merely one small part of an overwhelming body of evidence against that endlessly repeated claim.

The left’s other endlessly repeated meme is that there was never any connection between al Qaeda and Iraq. There has always been ample evidence to discredit that charge, too. Unfortunately, even the administration and many of its defenders surrendered — needlessly! — on this front.

A look back at the Clinton administration provides a small, but interesting, part of the evidence against this leftist mantra, too. And there’s a great summary of the story at Eric’s Grumbles:

For more than two years now we have continuously had it pounded into our heads that there was no real linkage between al-Qaeda and Iraq, that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, that Osama bin Laden detested secular Iraq and would never work with them. What you may not know, even though it is in the 9/11 Commission’s report, is that Richard Clarke, the top counter-terrorism official in the later years of the Clinton Administration, didn’t agree with that point of view. And that there is reasonable evidence to support Clarke’s point of view.

Terrific post. Read the whole thing. And follow his links, too.

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