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Posted by Richard on July 24, 2005

For several years, I’ve been getting together pretty regularly with a small group of Denver libertarians for breakfast on Saturday mornings. It’s usually the same 3-6 people, and I enjoy those breakfasts quite a bit. We have some lively conversations over a wide range of topics.

This morning was especially lively and enjoyable, as we were joined by two new people, both bloggers. I’d invited Nick Horianopoulos of Libercontrarian, and he persuaded Jed Baer of Freedomsight to show up, too. With breakfast regular David Aitken of Life’s Better Ideas and me, that made four bloggers at the table. And of course, the other regulars, Michael, Randy, and David, don’t lack for ideas and opinions either. I noticed a woman at an adjacent table listened rather intently for quite a while as we discussed the liberal/left tendency to embrace determinism, and then swerved into the related subject of their mechanistic view of the economy.

That was one of at least a dozen topics discussed, and of course a couple of them involved firearms. Nick and Jed were going shooting after breakfast. I’d like to have joined them (I haven’t been shooting in nearly a year), but had a haircut appointment. In fact, I had to leave early, so I don’t know how long the lively discussions lasted or if they persuaded anyone to go shooting with them. Maybe next week. I’ve got all these boxes of 9mm and at least one of .40S&W. Not to mention the crate of 7.62×39 and the SKS I haven’t taken out in at least 3 years.

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