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Carnival of Liberty #20

Posted by Richard on November 15, 2005

The 20th Carnival of Liberty is up at Eric’s Grumbles. Eric wrote a nice introductory piece looking back 20 weeks and expressing cautious optimism about the future of liberty. That resonated with me — I tend to be cautiously optimistic, too.

So then, Eric began the Carnival entries with a post of his own that’s pretty pessimistic, suggesting that we’re on a road that leads to "chaos, revolution, and bloodshed." Of two minds, are you, Eric? Well, I can relate to that, too — I’ve been known to say, "on the one hand, …, and on the other hand, …, and then on the other hand, …"

Check out both hands and see what you think. Then, check out some of the other tempting reading, from the rule of law to economics (basic and advanced) to politics (practical and theoretical) to greed (greed is good!). You’re bound to see some titles that you can’t resist clicking.

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