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Carnival of Liberty announced

Posted by Richard on June 29, 2005

Oops, I meant to post this yesterday:

The first ever Carnival of Liberty will be presented by the Life, Liberty and Property Community of bloggers. The announcement is on the LLP group blog.

The group’s goal is to promote the ideals of life, liberty and property as inherent rights of all humans throughout the world.

The Carnival of Liberty will promote blogging and thinking about liberty and freedom. How to advance the cause, where there are problems, what we can do, who’s saying what, historical trends and ideas, liberty in the news, and much more.

Appropriately enough, it will be presented on the weekend of July 4th, the anniversary of the United States Declaration of Independence 229 years ago.

Please link to the Carnival announcement, submit posts, get your fellow bloggers excited. Entries are not limited to LLP bloggers.

Thank you,

Life, Liberty and Property Community of Bloggers

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