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Carnival of Liberty, Valentine edition

Posted by Richard on February 14, 2006

New World Man is hosting Carnival of Liberty #32, and Matt’s done a tremendous job! He’s put together a special "love of liberty" edition for Vaientine’s Day, complete with a candy heart for each entry and a selection of quotes about loving liberty.

The candy hearts aren’t just pictures of off-the-shelf hearts — Matt "customized" them appropriately for each carnival entry. For instance, Forward Biased’s Speaking of Denmark got a heart that says "LEGOS." The heart for my post about Hillary at the UAW convention reads "NO 2 HRC."

As if that weren’t enough, Matt has even provided a soundtrack!

This week’s Carnival has musical accompaniment! Libertarian love songs is a playlist of songs that celebrate the emancipating power of love. Awww! Here’s the accompaniment part: These songs also appear on the on the right side of my home page (below the ad and the handsome picture), so listen along — detach the player by clicking ‘Pop-Up’ at the bottom and you can keep listening as you click the Carnival links and once you navigate away from this site. Use of the ‘Crossfader’ is recommended, too. 

Terrific job, Matt! I can’t do any reading right now, but if the posts are half as clever as your presentation (and I’m sure they are), this is one heck of a carnival!

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