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Posted by Richard on May 17, 2006

Check out Carnival of Cordite #59 at Resistance is Futile! Gullyborg has been busy, so it’s all links, no pictures (bringing joy to you dial-up folks). But, boy, does he have links — and lots of them lead to cool pictures and videos. There won’t be a Carnival of Cordite next week, so get your fill now!

Next, drop by Below the Beltway and peruse the postings in Carnival of Liberty #45. Lots of interesting and provocative stuff.

The Watcher’s Council probably has some good reading, too. But I’m still in a snit over their failure to properly honor Gerard Van der Leun’s Of a Fire in a Field, one of the most moving things I’ve read in a long time, so I haven’t dropped by there lately.

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