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Che backlash

Posted by Richard on July 28, 2005

The backlash against the glamorization of Che continues to build. You may have seen ads for these T-shirts:

Gil Milbauer at A Reasonable Man recommends another design that’s even more direct:

I like that one. It doesn’t mince words. To get yours, or just get a chuckle from their clever and well-designed site and their other products, go to Che-Mart. It’s from the folks behind the Communists for Kerry site, which I visited several times during the election campaign (it was pretty funny), but haven’t been to since and didn’t realize was still being updated.

UPDATE: Che-Mart is being "censored by" — OK, it’s not censorship, since CafePress isn’t a government, but it sucks, nonetheless:

We have put a lot of work into this site – only to find out that is going to censor our T-Shirts and other merchandise! The anti-capitalist hero Che cannot put his face on the shirts anymore because some capitalist running pig dog oppressor has trademarked his face!

To put it more accurately, there are no restrictions on left-leaning images at! Slurs and hateful caricatures of George Bush are all over its shops. But making fun of Che Guevara is a big no-no!

We are not the only one – see CafePress Watch blog!

Please contact us if you have any offers, advise, or suggestions.

Trademark? How the hell can you trademark a drawing of Che? I can see a copyright, but then these shirts would be satirical fair use.

As of right now, the order page is still working, so I’ve ordered the shirt. We’ll see. Maybe it’ll become a collector’s item.

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