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China: threat or menace?

Posted by Richard on March 7, 2007

OK, if you're a Pat Buchanan or Lou Dobbs fan, you'd best just move along — this will only make you (even more) angry. As for everyone else, I bet you get a kick out of Scott Blaszak's little three-minute video about how dangerous all those Chinese people are:  "Do You Realize?"


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One Response to “China: threat or menace?”

  1. Joseph DiBella said

    Definitely threat. That’s the predicate of my book, Mind War; The Singularity. It starts after China has already conquered the United States in a devastating war and has occupied the country, enslaving the American people. I picked China as the bad guy because it is the only nation that will pose a credible military threat to the US in the foreseeable future. I think the book will appear more prescient over time as China flexes its growing military muscle.

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