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Chutzpah cubed

Posted by Richard on August 23, 2007

Today's news contained two such unbelievable examples of chutzpah, of brazen effrontery and unmitigated gall, that they took my breath away:

  •  The Chinese government complained about the quality and safety of U.S. imports and expressed concern about the safety of Chinese consumers and the environment.
  • Democrats angrily objected to President Bush's comparison of Iraq and Vietnam in his speech to the VFW.

How dare anyone compare Iraq with Vietnam! The nerve!

UPDATE: Bush Derangement Syndrome reigns at ABC News, and Ace has preserved the evidence. He also helpfully pointed out that Bush didn't compare Iraq to Vietnam, "he said it would be like Vietnam were we to surrender. Apparently the high-nuanced folks at ABC have not mastered the nuances of the subjunctive or conditional moods." Good point.

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One Response to “Chutzpah cubed”

  1. Hathor said

    When I first became aware of the Vietnam War, the images I saw were of Buddhist igniting themselves with gasoline. A protest of the treatment of the Buddhist in a regime ruled by the Catholics. At that point the conflict was very much sectarian, it was more than a war against the communist. Conveniently Diem was assassinated and the war then could become our proxy fight of Democracy against Communism.

    I don’t think anyone at that time thought suicide would become a method of murder.

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