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Belated happy birthday, Octomom!

Posted by Richard on July 12, 2012

I just learned that July 11 was World Population Day. And by a curious coincidence, it was also the Octomom’s birthday.

This year’s World Population Day, 11 July 2012, focuses on the theme of “Universal Access to Reproductive Health Services.” Reproductive health problems remain the leading cause of ill health and death for women of childbearing age worldwide. Some 222 million women who would like to avoid or delay pregnancy lack access to effective family planning.

Did I mention that it was also the Octomom’s birthday?

Write your own joke.

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Voting is easier than reporting on Holder speech

Posted by Richard on July 11, 2012

Eric Holder spoke at the NAACP convention in Houston yesterday, and he railed against voter ID laws:

Attorney General Eric Holder pledged to aggressively fight new voter-identification laws during a speech Tuesday to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), which has argued the policies make it harder for minorities to vote.

The Obama administration is arguing before a panel of three federal judges in Washington, D.C., this week that Texas’s new voter law is too restrictive and, under its identification requirements, will make it hard or impossible for poor people to vote.

Hypocrisy alert: In order to get into the convention to report on the speech, members of the media had to present not just press credentials, but a “government-issued photo I.D. (such as a driver’s license).”

The Obama administration has been aggressively fighting any and all state efforts to clean up voter registration rolls or require voters to identify themselves at the polls, arguing that these are efforts to “disenfranchise” people. Yes, they are — they disenfranchise dead people, felons, and non-citizens.

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Do as they say, not as they do

Posted by Richard on May 14, 2010

Let me see if I've got this right: the administration that vociferously condemned Arizona for telling its cops to inquire into the immigration status of people whom they have reason to believe have committed a crime has taken into custody three men whom they believe may have some peripheral connection to a crime … for "immigration violations."

Wow. My irony meter is pegged. 

I'm sure that in the next few days, various administration officials will once again be congratulating each other and crowing about what a great job they're doing protecting us from terrorists. Like they did after they cleverly prevented that bomb in Times Square from exploding. And when they brilliantly stopped that airliner from being blown up at Christmas. And when they bravely saved all those soldiers at Ft. Hood from being gunned down … Oops, that last one didn't end so well — but that wasn't a terrorist attack, it was just some lone nut.

Oh, wait. Those other two were just lone nuts, too, weren't they? Tea partiers disgruntled about taxes or something? 

I'm so confused. Too many narratives! What's the narrative today? I can't keep all the narratives straight.

I know — today's narrative is that ICE is doing a great job and this administration is right on top of that big illegal Pakistani immigrant problem in the Northeast. I wonder if those three Pakistani guys were Mirandized

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Columbus Day

Posted by Richard on October 9, 2007

No, Monday, October 8th, was not Columbus Day. Officially, it was Explorers Day. That's the weenie, non-specific, politically correct substitute for Columbus Day enacted by the same stiffs who took away Washington's Birthday and Lincoln's Birthday, replaced them with Presidents Day, and said, "Look, it's on a Monday. Isn't that great?"

The real Columbus Day is October 12. It doesn't celebrate bringing murder, rape, and oppression to the New World. All those things existed here long before Columbus arrived, weren't his purpose, and were practiced far more ruthlessly by the original inhabitants than by Chris and the crew. Columbus Day celebrates courage, determination, and the drive to explore and expand one's world. Those are universal values.

Only a racist views this holiday as celebrating the conquest of one ethnic group by another, because only a racist sees everything in terms of ethnic groups. 

I'm slightly (but only slightly) amused by the angry "Native American" professional victims and their supporters who disrupt Denver's Columbus Day Parade every year. With not a trace of irony, they wholeheartedly embrace the European romanticists' notion of the noble savage, and most of them think the politico-economic ideas of European socialists are somehow the heritage of America's "indigenous peoples." Morons.

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Chutzpah cubed

Posted by Richard on August 23, 2007

Today's news contained two such unbelievable examples of chutzpah, of brazen effrontery and unmitigated gall, that they took my breath away:

  •  The Chinese government complained about the quality and safety of U.S. imports and expressed concern about the safety of Chinese consumers and the environment.
  • Democrats angrily objected to President Bush's comparison of Iraq and Vietnam in his speech to the VFW.

How dare anyone compare Iraq with Vietnam! The nerve!

UPDATE: Bush Derangement Syndrome reigns at ABC News, and Ace has preserved the evidence. He also helpfully pointed out that Bush didn't compare Iraq to Vietnam, "he said it would be like Vietnam were we to surrender. Apparently the high-nuanced folks at ABC have not mastered the nuances of the subjunctive or conditional moods." Good point.

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Happy World Usability Day!

Posted by Richard on November 14, 2006

Today is World Usability Day, a project of the Usability Professionals Association to promote usability and user-centered design. More than 215 events in 40 countries celebrated usability today:

"Why doesn’t this work right? What am I supposed to do with this now?"

World Usability Day, November 14, 2006, is for everyone who’s ever asked these questions. This Earth Day style event, focused on raising awareness and visibility of usability engineering and user centered design, is currently being organized by volunteers and local event coordinators from around the world. Whether a usability professional or just an enthusiastic (or frustrated) user, each participant is making a contribution to "making life easy".

As one of the activities, organizers set up a Flickr group called Making Life Easy, where people posted pictures of candidates for the Usability Hall of Shame or Hall of Fame. Ironically, one of the Hall of Shame submissions was the World Usability Day website itself: WUD Website Embarrassment.

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