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Colorado LP jumps the shark

Posted by Richard on April 7, 2006

I was going through the past few days’ mail tonight, and there was the March Colorado Liberty. On page 5, I noticed an ad for a Denver event on March 31 — hmm, bad timing on somebody’s part — called Critical Analysis: 9-11. Well, shucks, I missed it. So I didn’t get to hear Morgan Reynolds of and Don Paul of present evidence that:

  • Airliners weren’t hijacked and flown into buildings on 9/11, and the government faked all those cell phone calls from people on the planes.
  • Autopsies (!) proved there were no Arabs on Flight 77 (you know — the plane that wasn’t hijacked and didn’t fly into the Pentagon).
  • The WTC towers were destroyed by professional demolition involving scores of people precisely placing thousands of explosive charges over a period of weeks.
  • Guiliani was in on it.
  • So were the CIA, MI6, Mossad, Bush, Cheney, the NY Port Authority, the Rockefeller family, international bankers and financiers, the handful of plutocrats who control all the oil and defense industry corporations — I could go on, but what’s the point?

Really, you ought to visit the Critical Analysis: 9-11 web site. Notice that they’re proud to have Ed Asner and Charlie Sheen on their side. Click some of the links they provide for additional information about the 9/11 conspiracy. You’ll discover more fascinating facts: Britain’s MI6 secretly controls and funds al Qaeda, the captured Saddam is a fake, the London bombings were staged by the Blair government, …

Then ponder this: Critical Analysis: 9-11 is a project organized and financed by Rand Fanshier and some of his Libertarian friends. Rand had a column in the Colorado Liberty adjacent to the ad. In it, he described how he became convinced there was a conspiracy:

Then I did the math. An elementary momentum analysis, using a spreadsheet and data and formulas I checked and double-checked with my own hand, proved beyond any doubt that the WTC towers could not have fallen by damage or fires alone—that they were demolished. The implications were obvious; regardless of how implausible, some alphabet agencies—or people in their employ—at the Federal, State and local levels actually were instrumental in the murders of all those people and the destruction of so much property.

But I have continued doing my job in the LP here at the state level, for years, pushing back here in Colorado at the misuse of government power in so many little ways. All the time also pushing back in my mind the reality that these little things make no difference in a country that has essentially just had a coup d’etat, where the leadership doesn’t protect the people but kills them for geo-political utility.

So, despite the hopelessness of it all, Rand’s still doing his job for the Colorado Libertarian Party. What is his job? Why, he’s on the Board of Directors. In fact, he’s the Outreach Director.

Ponder the irony of that for a moment. To promote the LP among the vast horde of Republican, Democratic, and independent Coloradans, to convince them to take the LP seriously and not dismiss us as fringe kooks, to persuade them to consider becoming Libertarians, the Colorado LP relies on Rand "there were no Muslim terrorists, Bush/Cheney did it" Fanshier.

I believe this is compelling evidence that the Colorado Libertarian Party has jumped the shark (definition 3).

UPDATE: Check out also Libercontrarian’s excellent remarks on this subject, which predate mine by 6 days. Apparently, Nick’s Colorado Liberty was delivered earlier than mine, and he read it right away. He’s already officially left the LP.

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7 Responses to “Colorado LP jumps the shark”

  1. Jan from Denver said

    Oh, my! Will you at least register as an Independent? I am ashamed I was ever even part of the Libertarian party.

  2. BertW said

    Appalling, shameful and idiotic were the three words that passed through my mind as I read the CLP news. I hope this kind of rot hasn’t spread throughout the LP, but the nomination of that lunatic Badnarik was a bad omen. Jeez, am I going to end up a Republican?

  3. Anonymous said

    Related: Is Rick Stanley still in the pokey?

  4. april said

    Mathematical analysis aside, have you seen the experiment performed using a rabbit cage that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the towers could not have collapsed from planes flying into them? Oh, and I know for a fact that pigs can fly, having seen them myself on several occasions. Flocks and flocks of them.

  5. Anonymous said

    April: Please check out Science from the reality-based community! And I know you’ve seen More moonbat science because I see you’ve commented on it. 🙂

  6. Anonymous said

    The CLP, as well as National have gone off the deep end. I am still registered, but that will be changing soon. Independent sounds best as there is no way that I will support the Republicans. I had really hoped that someone would come to their senses and get things back on track. It was bad enough when they supported a gun grabber, and refused to allow a dues paying member to vote, but now it sounds like they have become psychotic.

    Patrick from Lakewood

  7. Mike said

    Uhh – I think the 9/11 stuff is an opinion held by 2 or 3 Libertarians. Yes Rand and Roger are on the state board but they do not represent the state party. I also understand that both of them think that broccoli tastes bad, but I don’t believe that all Libertarians can be called Broccoli haters.

    FYI – by far the majority of the 9/11 was faked folks are Republicans.

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