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Contemptible form of sexism

Posted by Richard on October 30, 2008

I just saw Ben Stein interviewed by Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show. He praised McCain effusively, but said his first impression of Sarah Palin, upon meeting her prior to some local talk show, was that she must be a hooker promoting a sex book.

Ben Stein is a conservative whose most recent claim to fame is a ridiculous documentary film promoting the anti-science, anti-reason "creation science" against the theory of evolution. 

His dissing of Palin echoes what other members of the "intelligentsia," right and left, have said. 

Apparently, the New York / Washington / Hollywood "intelligentsia" simply can't take seriously a woman who just happens to be cute or pretty

It seems to me that that's the worst kind of sexism. 

But apparently, NOW doesn't care.


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4 Responses to “Contemptible form of sexism”

  1. RedPencil said

    I agree it is sexist, but if Palin had been less attractive they still wouldn’t have taken her seriously. They just would’ve called her a CHEAP hooker.

    Tina Fey’s line about seeing Russia from the house is recited endlessly as proof of Palin’s unconscionable ignorance, whereas Obama’s line about Iran being not only non threatening but a “tiny country” is ignored or even cited as proof of his superior international understanding.

    I don’t necessarily have a problem with women having to work twice as hard as men to get half the credit. At least that side of the equation encourages effort. But when men evidently work half as hard as women and still get twice the credit… THAT may be a prolem.

  2. Hathor said

    I notice quite a few conservative blogger either implied or said she was hot. Is that not sexist to talk of a candidate like that?

  3. Feminist said

    NOW’s Media Hall of Shame

    Media sexism has been a hot topic this election season, and the National Organization for Women took the lead in calling attention to the issue. For years, NOW and the NOW Foundation have addressed the inclusion and depiction of women in the media, and we were among the first to analyze sexist press coverage of presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton, as well as newly-elected Speaker Nancy Pelosi, back in March of 2007.

    This June, after more than a year of consistently condemning media misogyny aimed at Clinton, NOW created an online Media Hall of Shame where we post the worst offenders and readers can rank them and then talk back to the press. The Hall of Shame has grown to include items about Michelle Obama and Gov. Sarah Palin and currently is one of the most popular spots on the NOW website. The New York Times wrote about it twice, and NOW President Kim Gandy has done numerous interviews.

  4. bluelyon said

    I’m sorry, but NOW’s attacks on Sarah Palin have been horrible. Listing one magazine cover on their web site doesn’t wash their hands of jumping on the She’s Not A REAL Feminist bandwagon.

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