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Didn’t take long

Posted by Richard on July 7, 2005

It didn’t take long for the left to start blaming America for the London blasts. From Democratic Underground:

Just woke up to this news. I want to express that my thoughts and prayers are with my fellow humans in London.

I am so very sorry our criminal president has dragged you into this.

(If it does indeed turn out to be AQ-related)

Notice that al Qaeda gets the benefit of the doubt — innocent until proven guilty — but not Bush.

 is this the ‘terrorist attack’ that bush/blair will use to justify more war?

Hmm. Scare quotes. Suggestion of a conspiracy?

Please don’t jump to the conclusion that it was Al Qaida. BushCo has a great deal of interest in having something like this happen and they’ve done it before.

Ah, there it is. Well, that didn’t take long. Now it’s time for some serious Bush bashing:

But I can’t help but feel sick about the political capital the Commander in Thief is going to get out of this and free pass the GOP is going to get to pilfer this country into oblivion… I in no way mean this jokingly but that sick bastard George Bush is as happy as a lark today.

And, of course, a big helping of moral equivalence:

I have just heard the American president talk about spreading "the ideaologies of hope and compassion" This is the man who called his Iraq bombing "shock and awe". What is the moral difference between indescriminate bombing of a city from the air, and a series of co-ordinated suicide or other bombs in an city transport system? The first is called heroic and the second cowardly, but that is the opposite of the truth, This bombing is as morally indefensible as the bombing of Iraqi civilians, but not done in my name and yours.

And another:

Why is this attack any more sociopathic than the razing of Fallujah, or any other of the placees laid waste in Iraq recently?

And another:

Before we get too outraged over this act of terrorism we need to reflect on the fact that we are responsible for the death of around 100,000 Iraqis, that just last week in Afghanistan we deliberately attacked civilians killing 17 of them, an act so clearly intended to do the damage it did that even the Cabal-friendly Afghani government lodged a public complaint. We cannot swagger around the globe flexing our vast military might, crushing all we view as ‘the enemy’ and causing vast ‘collateral damage’ without consequence.

And another:

I reject any assertion that we have the moral high ground here. We might have held that position on 9/12/2001 but we have long since demonstrated that we are just as depraved as the jihadist suicide bombers, just as willing to kill civilians, just as willing to cause wanton destruction to advance our cause, and to do so all the while claiming that God is on our side.

I see no major differences.

Let’s combine moral equivalence and Bush-bashing:

Terrorism IS wrong but…. lets put the shoe on the other foot. Let’s say we are invaded by a far superior force, we have no modern military means to fight them what would our brave patriots do…..plant bombs. We have gone past right are wrong here we are in the, war as a way of life zone. A perpetual tit-for-tat. Our only hope is to eliminate the "leaders" of both sides by sending them to fight one another in glorious hand to hand combat. The picture of *ush in a fetal position on the ground crying for his mommy just flashed in my head…..never mind.

Include Blair, too, of course:

Yes, Blair, "barbaric," just like the daisy-cutter bombs you and yours dropped on innocent people in Iraq. As Richard Clark had predicted, your preemptive attack on Iraq–and your little buddy’s, the Chimp–has brought more terror on the world, not less. Wake the hell up. You brought this on all of us.

Have we forgotten anything? Of course — Israel:

Terrorism is caused by deprivation, social discrimination, and hopelesness. A helicopter gunship murdering the guests at your sister’s wedding will do it every time. We create terrorists by bombing and killing innocent civilians, and the US permits the Israelis to do the same. The problem is not only in Iraq, the problem that was caused by the artificial creation of the state of Israel (by us, I admit) has also to be solved.

I’d better quit. I think they’re posting this crap faster than I can copy and paste it.

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8 Responses to “Didn’t take long”

  1. Quincy said

    Well, I’ve officially had my dose of left-wing crap for the day, though that last blurb is right: Terrorism is caused by deprivation–deprivation of liberty.

  2. Jan said

    I forced myself to read all this, getting angrier each minute. How can people in a free country be so blind and stupid?

  3. Erik said

    Perhaps my memory fails me, but I seem to remember that when the twin towers were destroyed we had not invaded Iraq yet.

  4. Yogimus said

    I forced myself to read all this, getting angrier each minute. How can people in a free country be so blind and stupid?

    Answer? because the CAN be. God bless em. Their silliness is so predictable as to be comedic. let’s be honest here… do you REALLY care what they are saying?

    Give them a few days to get their crap together, and then you will hear the SAME CRAP coming from congress, senate, etc… I have an essay up about it, but I do not want to paste a page’s worth of crap up here, so feel free to drop by.

  5. John said

    Am I the only one who thinks we are wasting our energy by trying not to target cilvians, would it help as an object lesson to the people who think we do target civilians to show them an example of what targeting civilians would look like. With the amount of fire power and raw distructive force that the US military has, destroying a city would be much simplier than occupying it, risking IEDs and such. We get blamed for it anyways, would a quick object lesson get the point across, that terrorist try to kill civilians, and we dont, because if killing civilians was our objective, all the civilians would be dead. I realize I’m just venting here, but really, these idiots have no idea of the military, and just what a small fraction of that power we are choosing to use.

  6. Ron Wright said

    Honor the Dead

    Here’s a comment I just posted to Dan Darling over at Winds of Change.


    We must kick the enemy’s butt and right now! We must stay focused, our heads in the game, and keep our eye on the ball.

    We must ignore the shots of the detractors from the bleachers.

    We must win this war.

    See my two cents worth in this thread over at Roger L. Simon’s:

    RLS Link

  7. ArtbyRuth said

    All these Lefty comments are just proving Karl Rove was right in his assessment of the Liberals:

    They do not know how to react properly to terrorist attacks and Conservatives do!

    So, thanks for letting us collect more quotes to use against them next election.

    All we need now is Dean and Kerry spewing how this is Bush’s fault or how we should treat this attack as a police matter.



  8. Yogimus said

    All these Lefty comments are just proving Karl Rove was right in his assessment of the Liberals:

    Wow, great point. Gonna have to steal it for a future post 🙂

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