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Doctoring the photo op

Posted by Richard on October 6, 2009

The President had quite a photo op in the Rose Garden yesterday. He was surrounded by 150 physicians in white lab coats as he made yet another pitch for a government-controlled health care system. At least we're told they were physicians, and if one of them whispered "I am not a doctor, but I play one at the White House," no one heard it.

But the White House staff handed out the doctor costumes, so they could have handed them to anyone, and we'd be none the wiser: 

A sea of 150 white-coated doctors, all enthusiastically supportive of the president and representing all 50 states, looked as if they were at a costume party as they posed in the Rose Garden before hearing Obama's pitch for the Democratic overhaul bills moving through Congress.

The physicians, all invited guests, were told to bring their white lab coats to make sure that TV cameras captured the image.

But some docs apparently forgot, failing to meet the White House dress code by showing up in business suits or dresses.

So the White House rustled up white coats for them and handed them to the suited physicians who had taken seats in the sun-splashed lawn area.

The president was flanked by four white-coated doctors at a podium as he delivered his pep talk.

"When you cut through all the noise and all the distractions that are out there, I think what's most telling is that some of the people who are most supportive of reform are the very medical professionals who know the health-care system best," the president said.

Ha! I think what's really most telling is that in a September IBD/TIPP poll, two-thirds of doctors oppose the Democrats' health care proposals and a stunning 45% would consider closing their practices or retiring early if they're enacted.

The suggestion that most physicians support Obamacare is, like so much else coming out of this administration, pure make-believe. So it wouldn't surprise me if they used some make-believe doctors.

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2 Responses to “Doctoring the photo op”

  1. Billll said

    The white lab coat is the official uniform of the Denver Mad Scientists Club. I have one with an impressive coat of arms on the pocket identifying me as a Founder.

    Those guys up there with the Won are impostors. None of them is a member of the DMSC.

  2. rgcombs said

    Ah, but you failed to trademark or copyright it. I see guys wearing those coats on TV all the time, promising to get rid of zits, ease that itching, burning sensation, or restore hair — and they’re not mad scientists. Or doctors.

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