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Eagles no match for Broncos

Posted by Richard on October 30, 2005

Oh, look, it’s my first try at sportsblogging!

My deepest sympathies to any Philadelphians watching the Broncos-Eagles game. What an embarrassment! In the first quarter the Broncos outgained the Eagles 200 yards to 4. Yep, 4.

We’re halfway through the 2nd now, and Denver’s up 28-0 after an amazing one-handed catch in the end zone by Alexander. Philly is up to 16 yards, though. Mwahahahah!

UPDATE: The Eagles came back to life and scored late in the half, thanks to two long passes by McNabb. So at halftime, it’s 28-7. Denver’s defense has been blitzing relentlessly (McNabb has been pressured at least ten times), so there are bound to be receivers open when McNabb has time to throw to them.

First half time of possession: Denver 21+ minutes, Philly 8+. Total offense: Denver 312 yds., Philly 111. First downs: Denver 20, Philly 5.

Denver has a history of failing to finish off opponents when they have a big lead, so I guess I’d better not gloat too much — Philly is explosive on offense. But can their defense slow down the Broncos? Stay tuned.

UPDATE 2: Yep, gloated too soon. Five minutes into the 3rd, T.O. went 91 yards to score (his longest). So now it’s 28-14. VRB and the rest of you Eagles fans — you know I was just joshing you, right? All in good fun, right? <gulp>

Announcer just reminded viewers that the Eagles have never lost a game in which T.O. scored a touchdown. Well, there’s got to be a first time some time…

UPDATE 3: The 3rd quarter is finally over, and it totally sucked. The Eagles’ defense, MIA in the first half, showed up and shut down Denver. Champ Bailey’s bad hamstring got worse, and T.O. and the Eagles took advantage to the tune of 21 unanswered points. The Eagles even found a running game.

So now it’s 28-21. And so far this season, the 4th quarter has been the Broncos’ worst. I think I’m getting a headache…

Wait… Yay!! Bailey and his bad hamstring have finally been sidelined in favor of the rookie Dominique Foxworth. I’m sure there was a lot of reluctance to put in a rookie to cover Owens. But Foxworth just intercepted McNabb in the end zone — a huge defensive play!

UPDATE 4: Touchdown Denver! Plummer to Devoe, 44 yards! 35-21. Rookie Devoe’s first NFL TD. And there’s a hard, cold rain falling now. I think my headache is getting better!

UPDATE 5: Touchdown Denver! A 67-yard run by Tatum Bell. With 6 1/2 minutes left, it’s 42-21. What 4th-quarter curse? What headache? Go Broncos!

Bell’s run was a thing of beauty, heading outside, turning the corner, then just pouring on the speed. But a lot of the credit for that TD should go to the other RB, Mike Anderson, whose tough inside running set up Bell’s outside jaunt beautifully. Bell and Anderson are both close to 100 yards.

FINAL: Denver 49, Philly 21. My dad called, so I completely missed the last Denver TD. But both Tatum Bell and Mike Anderson ended up with over 100 yards rushing. And Plummer had over 300 passing. Pretty impressive offensive stats.

The Eagles showed a lot of character when they came back in the 3rd quarter. But Denver clearly has the better team. The Broncos’ defense has looked awesome since the second game, and still looked strong, despite the weakness in the secondary due to Champ Bailey’s hamstring injury. What was really heartening for Denver fans was seeing the offense suck it up and take charge in the 4th quarter.

Good game. And did I mention how awesome it looked at 1280 x 720p on a Samsung 46" DLP TV? From the leather recliner? I almost feel sorry for those fans in the stands, sitting in a 37-degree rain (it’ll change to snow shortly). Bwahahahahahaha! Life is good.

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One Response to “Eagles no match for Broncos”

  1. VRB said

    YO! Don’t need your condolences.

    GO EAGLES!!!

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