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Election analyses

Posted by Richard on May 6, 2005

Glenn Reynolds has some pretty astute readers, and of course, he’s smart enough to post some of their comments on the British election:


The world (English speaking world at least) has spoken:

John Howard

George Bush

Tony Blair

Seems to me those that oppose Iraq are in the clear minority, at least on the one particular topic of the war in Iraq.

Meanwhile, Jim Bennett emails:

What the media just isn’t picking up on is that this election is between the party that invaded Iraq because it wanted to enforce international order, versus the party that wanted to invade Iraq because Saddam needed to be taken out. Where else is that the case? The openly anti-war party is running a distant third — anywhere else, they’d be the govenment or the main opposition.

I agree with Glenn’s conclusion:

I don’t know what to think — I like Blair for his support on the war, but not much else. The Tories, on the other hand, seem rather lame.

Heartless Libertarian makes a great point about US media coverage of the Blair victory and media priorities in general:

Listening to the hourly news on the radio on my way home from work yesterday. On a day when elections where held in Britain, elections widely touted as a referendum on prime Minister Tony Blair’s support of America’s war on Islamofascist terror, can you guess what the lead story was?

A public statement by the f&*%ing "Runaway Bride."

Followed by the latest from the Michael Jackson trial.

This is what the mainstream media has come to. Note to media gurus: when I see/hear anything about either of these stories, I change the freaking channel Tell me something that’s worth knowing. Tell me about the latest behind the scenes maneuvering in Congress, nauseating as that may be. Tell about about our troops taking supplies to a school in Iraq, or a hospital in Afghanistan. Tell me about China’s latest threat against Taiwan, and how it’s supported by the weasels in Paris. Tell me about how the social welfare states in Europe are collapsing, or about how successful many former Warsaw Pact countries flat tax laws have been.

Just tell me something worth knowing.

As Glenn would say, indeed.

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