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Go read

Posted by Richard on January 4, 2006

Until I have something new for you to read (probably later today), why not check out the latest Carnival of Liberty (#27) at Kevin Boyd’s revamped Louisiana Libertarian blog? It’s leaner than most (I guess I’m not the only blogger who’s been slacking), but there’s some good reading.

For instance, take a look at Conservative Cat’s thoughts regarding Ben Franklin, liberty, and safety — Ferdy makes the interesting point (which I hope he’ll pursue further) that privacy and liberty are related, but not synonymous.

For more about surveillance and privacy, along with other topics, check out last week’s Carnival of Liberty at Target Centermass. Also,  take a look at last week’s  Watcher’s Council vote-getters or this week’s nominees.

Among this week’s Watcher’s nominees, I particularly recommend that you read neo-neocon’s To speak or not to speak, especially if you’re uncomfortably surrounded by rabid Bush-haters and reluctant to reveal your apostasy (you know who you are). The topic is whether former liberals should "come out" as neocons to their liberal friends and associates, and boy, did it touch a nerve and generate comments. Lots of comments, and they’re simply fascinating reading. For instance, I was struck by the observation that it’s more difficult for a female neocon to "come out" than for a male, but that there are many of them.

BTW, "neocon" is used somewhat loosely in this context — mostly, it means someone who watched people jump from 100-story buildings on 9/11, was profoundly affected, and subsequently supported, admired, and/or voted for Bush.

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One Response to “Go read”

  1. Jan from Denver said

    I read “to speak or not to speak” on your recommendation. And by the way, you talkin’ to me?!

    I communicate my persuasion by the W bumper sticker, the NRA sticker, and one or two very brief “I think differently” comments. The liberals around me are crazed. I have to work with them and it is definitely not worth the effort to “share”. There is no good to come from trying to talk sense into Kool-aid drinkers. However, I am a big believer in cognitive dissonance. Just the W sticker and the NRA sticker gives them something to think about. I seem nice and normal. I can make them laugh. I like animals. I don’t have horns. On some level they might be processing things. But I will not engage them in “conversation” of a political nature – it is not possible. My silence or change in subject does not go unnoticed, however. Liberals can be rude and mean. Even conservatives with whom I disagree strongly can be civilized (most of the time). Finally, let’s make the distinction between acquaintances and friends. I have many acquaintances and few friends. What is that old saying about not discussing religion and politics?

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