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GOP impotence

Posted by Richard on May 4, 2006

Cal Thomas is disgusted with today’s GOP:

GOP impotence in the midst of fuel price hikes may be the final proof that this is a party that has run out of gas. Democrats aren’t any better and should they regain a congressional majority this fall, it won’t be long before they again indulge in the same pandering, unethical behavior and content-free politics that has exposed Republican ineptness.
. . .

How could a party go from a visionary like Ronald Reagan who changed the world, not to mention restoring American optimism, to the tunnel vision of his illegitimate offspring who seem to care less about change than perpetuating themselves in office? They aren’t even doing a good job of that as the fall election results may show, unless somebody or something quickly lights a fire under them. Never has the derogatory phrase, "Republican in name only," applied to so many who have done so little for so few.

Who can blame him for sounding bitter? The President seems completely distracted by foreign matters, and the contemptible pipsqueak Republicans in Congress seem totally bereft of principles, ideas, and integrity. They score the Ozian trifecta: they have no heart, no brain, and no courage.

If it weren’t for this damned war against Islamofascism, I’d take great pleasure in seeing the GOP get the thrashing at the polls that it so richly deserves.

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3 Responses to “GOP impotence”

  1. Anonymous said

    I absolutely agree. As an old-style Reagan conservative, I am outraged at the current leadership in both houses of Congress. I am also outraged that Bush has not seized the initiative to get government spending down.

    The DNC may very well win back both houses in November, and I think that might actually be a good thing for conservatives. It would be a wakeup call.

    The only thing that concerns me: a DNC victory in November would endanger our war efforts. The democrappers would see America lose just so they can kick Bush in the stones.

  2. Unalienable Rights said

    I think a lesson learned here is that party affiliation is no gaurantee of character, integrity and principled leadership.

    One would hope that mentorship and good example would help but it seems the leaders are as malfeasant as the followers.

    I am disgusted with the whole lot of them – in all three branches. They are all playing “lord of the manor” with us filling the role as serfs to feed their insatiable appetites.

  3. Squawkbox Noise said

    It must be something in the water. Here in Texas for the 1st time in 150 years the Republicans have all the branches “under control”.

    With but a few exceptions most of “our Republicans” are acting as democrats. Unalienable Rights described the situation to a “tee” above.

    “They are all playing “lord of the manor” with us filling the role as serfs to feed their insatiable appetites”

    My gosh I hate to vote democrat, bout all I have left is to just skip certain boxes on the ballot and vote for those I trust. Even that is an anathema too me.

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