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Greenpeace indifferent to slash-and-burn by left

Posted by Richard on July 24, 2005

Venezuela’s Hato Pinero is part cattle ranch and part nature preserve. In fact, more than two-thirds of its 190,000 acres are forests and rock formations — protected ecosystems used only for environmental research and endangered species habitat — and massive seasonally flooded savannahs — used only for minimum impact grazing during the summer (dry) months.

Experts consider Hato Pinero one of the world’s environmental treasures, housing countless endangered, rare, and unique birds (over 350 species), animals, and tropical plants (over 850). It’s been featured on the Discovery Channel, PBS’s Nature, and National Geographic. For over 20 years, it has hosted scores of research studies from the Smithsonian, the World Wildlife Fund, and other world-renowned universities and institutions. It’s also become a popular ecotourism destination and has been studied as a model of sustainable and eco-friendly use.

Now, Hato Pinero is at the brink of total destruction. The mix of environmentally sensitive ranching and ecosystem preservation will be replaced by conuco farming: a slash-and-burn technique that quickly exhausts the soil and then moves on to burn a new parcel.

Surely, in the face of such an environmental catastrophe, Greenpeace would be willing at least to issue a press release condemning the perpetrators of this outrage, right? And it would of course alert its members and urge them to write letters or something, wouldn’t it? If asked nicely?

Well, no. It wouldn’t. You see, in this instance, the preservers of Hato Pinero are [spit] private landowners, and the perpetrators of its destruction are the glorious people’s revolutionary progressive heroes, the Chavez regime, bravely confiscating the eeevil large private landholdings and turning them into essentially collective farms made up of sharecroppers under the thumb of the government. Greenpeace apparently can’t be bothered protecting environmental treasures from depredation by communists, only by capitalists.

Publius Pundit has even more links.

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2 Responses to “Greenpeace indifferent to slash-and-burn by left”

  1. Sean Haugh said

    Setting other people’s priorities for them is one of the most arrogant and bogus of logical fallacies. Who are you to say what someone else’s priorities are?

  2. Anonymous said

    I’ve made a value judgment. You may disagree and consider it arrogant, but calling it a logical fallacy is just meaningless prattle. You wouldn’t know a logical fallacy if it bit you.

    You leftists are so boringly predictable: you chide your opponents for lack of tolerance while wearing your own intolerance on your sleeves.

    Greenpeace claims it places a high value on the special wild and natural places of the earth. Yet they don’t even have time for a press release or an email alert when such a place is threatened by a commie instead of an oil company. That sucks. If it’s arrogant of me to point it out, I gladly plead guilty.

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