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Health care choice on the ballot in Colorado

Posted by Richard on August 28, 2010

The Independence Institute has succeeded in placing the Right to Health Care Choice Initiative on the ballot as Amendment 63. It's similar to Missouri's Healthcare Freedom Act, which passed earlier this month with over 71% of the vote:

If passed by Colorado voters in November, the “Right to Health Care Choice” citizens amendment would accomplish two hugely important steps to protect Coloradans from the ongoing takeover of health care by government, and to make Colorado a “sanctuary state” for quality health care. The “Right to Health Care Choice” amendment would:

Write into the Colorado Constitution that the State of Colorado cannot force its citizens to purchase a public or private health insurance product, either on its own, or on behalf of the federal government. In other words, Colorado would not be able to implement a Massachusetts-style insurance mandate (otherwise know as Romney Care).

The amendment would also constitutionally protect fee-for-service health care by ensuring the right to pay out of pocket for health care services and products if you so choose. This means even if Colorado were to implement a single payer heath care system, you would be free to engage in voluntary exchange with a health care provider outside the system.

I predict Colorado voters will approve this by a big margin. And I'll certainly do what I can to help make that happen. You can help, too. 

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