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Heinlein’s best?

Posted by Richard on August 10, 2005

OK, I’m a bit late, but I finally noticed Zombyboy’s post about which Heinlein novel is the best and all the comments that elicited. Friday? Job? Time Enough for Love? You must be kidding.

Other suggestions are more respectable. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress is an obvious choice, as is Stranger in a Strange Land. I think both are too obvious. Starship Troopers is worthy of mention. The Door Into Summer is a more perceptive choice. IMHO, it’s the best time travel novel ever.

Many people have noted that Heinlein’s juvenile science fiction represents some of his best writing, so Tunnel in the Sky is a worthy mention, although Red Planet is a better choice.

Personally, I’ve always thought that Heinlein’s short stories were, on average, much better than his novels. The Green Hills of Earth, The Menace from Earth, and Assignment in Eternity are just wonderful collections. And, mixing short and long items, there’s the "future history series" compilation, The Past Through Tomorrow. Heinlein’s future history series is just awesome in its scope, vision, and realization. There’s nothing else like it.

But his best novel? There’s simply no question, and I can’t believe no one at Resurrection Song even mentioned it. Heinlein’s best novel is absolutely Glory Road.

Although, I must admit I liked Farnham’s Freehold a lot, too.

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2 Responses to “Heinlein’s best?”

  1. Rick Shultz said


    Gotta go with you on this one for sure. I can’t believe nobody mentioned Glory Road either. I just hope and pray that Hollyweird never tries to make a movie of either Glory Road or The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress! If they butcher either one as badly as they did Starship Troopers and one or two others I can think of, I am convinced that RAH will rise out of his grave and strangle their stupid asses.

  2. Anonymous said

    Similar ideas, different order:


    1) Moon is a Harsh Mistress

    2) Glory Road

    3) Citizen of the Galaxy

    4) Door Into Summer


    1) By His Bootstraps

    2) If This Goes On. . .

    3) Universe


    1) All You Zombies

    2) Menace From Earth

    3) Life-Line

    4) The Green Hills of Earth

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