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Hezbollah’s human shields

Posted by Richard on July 20, 2006

At The American Thinker, Clarice Feldman pointed out a brief Ynet News story which confirmed that Neo-neocon and I (The war for public opinion) were right about Hezbollah wanting to create civilian casualties (emphasis added):

The IDF has found that Hizbullah is preventing civilians from leaving villages in southern Lebanon. Roadblocks have been set up outside some of the villages to prevent residents from leaving, while in other villages Hizbullah is preventing UN representatives from entering, who are trying to help residents leave. In two villages, exchanges of fire between residents and Hizbullah have broken out. 

Hezbollah is holding the residents of these villages hostage, using them as human shields.

"Speaking of human shields," Feldman wondered, "why aren’t the brave folks who stood between us and Saddam in Afula or Safed or Haifa or Kiryat Shemona?" Good question. I guess these "peace activists" aren’t as troubled by rockets falling on Israeli Jews as they were about bombs falling on Saddam’s Revolutionary Guard.

Regarding Hezbollah taking whole villages hostage — good luck finding any mainstream news stories that mention the IDF report. You think the IDF told only Ynet News about it? You think Ynet News made it up? I don’t.

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2 Responses to “Hezbollah’s human shields”

  1. Anonymous said

    Ynet and the IDF’s lies prove what?

    Israel spreads lies thicker than butter to serve her purpose.

    She also spreads cash which is why bloggers like you suck it in.

  2. Anonymous said

    FWIW, I don’t have to be paid to take the side of Western Civilization against 7th-century barbarians.

    As for your certainty that these are Israeli lies, do you think the story (from Palestinian sources) about Israel phoning targets to warn them is also a lie?

    I suppose you probably do.

    Enjoy your Kool-Aid, Bill!

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