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Hollywood’s worst ideas

Posted by Richard on July 9, 2005

This is the worst idea to come out of Hollywood in a long time. From Roger L. Simon:

The man who brought us "JFK" – an unintentionally hilarious exercise in paranoia that implied Lyndon Johnson was behind the assassination of John Kennedy – is now making a film about the heroes of 9/11. Mickey Kaus – ever a master of understatement – worries that the studio (Paramount) might be "out of touch" on this. I’ll say. Somewhere around Alpha Centauri.

… Stone said of his film:

"It’s a work of collective passion, a serious meditation on what happened and carries within a compassion that heals. It’s an exploration of heroism in our country – but it’s international at the same time in its humanity."

"International." I see. That couldn’t have anything to do with the box office, could it? Hollywood, for whom foreign ticket sales are greater than those at home, is ever mindful of how its movies play abroad. Even given his string of recent failures, who better to choose if you’re going to make a film about an American tragedy and don’t want to offend foreign sensibilities than delusional Oliver? Indeed, he can be relied upon to pander to them.

It sounds like a story Scrappleface would come up with. And it edges ahead of the previous contender for worst idea to come out of Hollywood (courtesy of Captain Ed):

The Telegraph reports that Steven Spielberg has started filming a new movie about the terrorist attack on the 1972 Olympics in Munich, in which Palestinian terrorists murdered eleven Israeli athletes. Spielberg has shrouded the project in secrecy. However, Hugh Davies reports that one of the consultants for the project has tipped off the Israelis that the film will concentrate on the Mossad’s actions in going after the terrorist planners in the attack’s aftermath rather than the attacks themselves:

The material is so delicate that the project, which is being filmed in Malta, is shrouded in secrecy.

For while movies like 1977’s Raid on Entebbe, starring Peter Finch and Horst Buchholz, portray Israel in a heroic stance, the new picture is about the misgivings of Golda Meir, the then Israeli prime minister, as agents from Mossad tracked down the perpetrators. …

Why would Spielberg decide to focus so heavily on Israel’s response instead of the terrorist attacks that initiated their actions? Exactly for the reasons given by Craig, only Spielberg doesn’t intend on passing judgment merely on Israel for going after the terrorists that targeted its civilians. If these reports are accurate, he intends on passing judgment on America for going after the terrorists that targeted our civilians on 9/11. Spielberg has long opposed the Iraq War and the Bush administration for its efforts to eliminate the threat of Islamofascist terror and tyranny.

So Spielberg’s point will be that it’s wrong to go after Islamofascists who attack us. And I suppose Stone will sneak into his film the suggestion that CheneyHalliburton was behind 9/11.

Screw ’em both. I’ll just stay home and watch Team America: World Police and Raid on Entebbe.

Vicious sarcasm of the week, by papertiger commenting on Roger’s Oliver Stone post:

I am still waiting for the biopic about the life and times of a pedophile con artist – who gained an army of syncophants by pretending to be the only authorised voice of God. And then proceeded to spread murder and depravity across the known world. Sort of a Middle Ages creates Nazism picture.

It’s bound to get plenty of foreign viewership.

Watch your back, papertiger, you could join Salman Rushdie on that list of people the mullahs want to reach out and touch.

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One Response to “Hollywood’s worst ideas”

  1. Anonymous said

    Why wait to join Salman Rushdie to get a fatwah issued on your ass, when you can simply be Anarchangel and tell the truth about the Koran?

    Yes, Islamofascists have put a fatwah on Anarchangel, and it’s a serious thing. The FBI has contacted him, telling him to take extraordinary precautions to protect himself, his family, and his employer.

    Funny, I can’t recall any time I went to Greek Orthodox Church and Father Nick advised me to “kill infidels.”

    But maybe it’s just me.

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