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I’m honored

Posted by Richard on August 9, 2005

Stephen Littau blogs at Fearless Philosophy for Free Minds, which he describes as "dedicated to challenging conventional political Left/Right wisdom through reason with a focus on individual liberty, personal responsibility, free markets, accountable & limited government, and critical thinking." He has some good, thought-provoking material. I’m still trying to find the time to finish his four-part series on the rights of children. A provocative and under-explored topic, for sure.

Every month, Stephen selects the top three Blogposts of the Month. I’m quite pleased that my July 8 post, Why the left blames us, received second place for the month. Thank you, Stephen!

Don’t forget to drop by Fearless Philosophy for Free Minds on Tuesday — Stephen is hosting Carnival of Liberty #6, which is sure to be full of fresh bloggy goodness!

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