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Instant glory

Posted by Richard on August 24, 2007

If you want to achieve instant glory these days, all you have to do is undermine the war effort and/or the Bush administration. The media are falling all over themselves to bow down before the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) and Sen. John Warner.

The thing to remember about the NIE is that it isn't new information, it's just "analysis" — that is, the intelligence community leadership looked at what we already know (or think we know) and offered up some opinions about it. Mind you, these are the same people who've been consistently wrong about almost everything for many years, who blew it regarding al Qaeda and 9/11, and who, the media keep reminding us, "lied" about Iraq. Now, they're exalted in the media and their opinions are taken as gospel. 

The thing to remember about John Warner is there's nothing that you remember about John Warner. Before his idiotic call for withdrawing 5,000 troops as a "gesture," when was the last time you saw or heard a news story that began, "Sen. John Warner said today…"? On the few occasions this century when I heard his name, my reaction was always, "Is he still there?"

But suddenly, in the last 24 hours, every anchor, analyst, and political reporter in the country has spoken of Sen. Warner with reverence and awe. He's the most respected voice in the Senate, they all say (so how come they never listened to him before?). The most important Republican at the Capitol. The ultimate authority on all things military (sorry, Sen. McCain, you're not their darling anymore).

Sen. Warner will be the guest on Meet the Depressed this weekend, and appearances on Face the Nation, This Week, Anderson Cooper, and all the rest will surely follow. He'll no doubt get fawning, respectful, softball questions and lots of smiles and admiration. He's going to be invited to all the good parties. 

I predict that by October, Sen. Warner will have his own reality TV show. Maybe they'll team him up with Ozzy Osbourne — they're about equally coherent.

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