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The no-shooty cartridge

Posted by Richard on August 24, 2007

The Dissident Frogman was amused by the remarkable ignorance of firearms recently exhibited by the editors and war correspondents of Agence France Presse. As a public service, he created a short educational video that explains the basics of bullets, cartridges, and "boomsticks" in simple terms that even journalists can understand. "Since you will fake the news from Iraq anyway," he tells AFP, it won't kill you to make the hoax a bit more credible."

Priceless. You've got to watch this video. Just make sure you're not drinking anything you don't want all over your monitor and keyboard. And be sure to stick around through the credits — there are bloopers/out-takes at the end.

Check out the comments, too. The exchange between lefty and the frogman is too good to miss.

(HT: Rottweiler)

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