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Is this guy for real?

Posted by Richard on May 21, 2005

Jeff Goldstein pointed with bewilderment to a post by guest blogger iraqwarwrong at the Unpopulist. Here’s a taste:

That’s right.  The Iraq War?  Remember that (Or did u forget already / So busy with stocks 401-k trading/ New orleans jazz festivals/ sailing yachts, ect).  We invaded a SOVEREIGN ARAB COUNTRY based on a pack of smoke and ribbons foisted on us by the mendacy of a handful of nameless unaccountability Neocon’s. 

Do you know.  Do you care?  WEll you better because I’m here to tell you.  The Iraq War was wrong and thats all there is to it But this is pretty obvious if u just LOOK at the situation objectively(it takes a real stubborn to hold out still).   Don’t like it TOUGH I’m just the messenger(here).  (Mroe post’s to come later hopefuly)

The comments at both places are full of speculation about whether this is clever parody or real. I poked around The Iraq War Was Wrong Blog (TIWWWB) a bit. At first, I thought it was real, not parody. Then I saw the post, "Fighting Manacheinism run amuck," and now I’ve changed my mind (emphasis added):

… Manacheinism. It led to the wrong Iraq war. Since it is wrong, it must be resisted. But how? Well, us, for straters. The Iraq war was wrong, and so wrong, and wrong again, and this cries out for dissent and resistance and blowback. We know it and you know it.

So here’s what I’m trying to say (bear, with me). A wrong war like during the Iraq war was cannot just be sitted idly by by. People who know it’s wrong have to speak out against hte people who know it’s right, and vise verca, so that people can CLEARLY see who’s wrong and right. There’s no middle ground here (because of Iraq war wrong) and to say that there might be, just reduces our chances of reducing the wrong. We can’t let that happen. The wrong is too important not to be right. In this case

This is why one of the first most important things to do is to seperate people into good and bad based on whether they think the Iraq war was wrong. This is the ONLY way to fight the wrong results of Bush’s Manacheinism.

There’s no middle ground. We have to see who’s right and who’s wrong, and separate good from bad in order to fight Manicheanism! How can this not be parody?

It has to be parody. He’s an Adorable Little Rodent in the TTLB Ecosystem, and I’m a mere Flippery Fish. If TIWWWB isn’t parody, then that’s just too humiliating to bear.

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