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Islamic Mein Kampf

Posted by Richard on February 10, 2007

Go to the Terrorism Awareness Project website and watch the 7½-minute video, "The Islamic Mein Kampf."  Then go to the Ammunition page and download the PDF of the same name. Why do we need a Terrorism Awareness Project? Read "News from the Front" for an overview of the project, why it exists, and the kinds of things it wants to raise awareness about. Here’s a bit of introduction:

In a rational world, there shouldn’t have to be a Terrorism Awareness Project. Not after the slaughter of 9/11 and the clear message that this was just the beginning of what the jihadis had in store for us. And a Terrorism Awareness Project certainly shouldn’t have to be focused on college campuses, which ought to be the intellectual spear point in the defense of our nation. But the sad truth is that America generally is sleepwalking through the war on Terror and our universities are doing something even worse: allowing an unholy alliance to form between the forces of terror and the forces of anti Americanism. Radicals on campus —and radicals continue to define the campus, as they have since the 1960s — may deny that they actively support terror, but they admit that they believe that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Since their enemy is America, the terrorist is their friend. This is why we have launched a Terrorism Awareness Project: to publicize and combat activities on campus ranging from the propaganda of pro-terrorist front groups such as the International Solidarity Movement to curricular distortions of disciplines such as Peace Studies.

Check out the rest of the site, which belongs to the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Read "What You Should Know About Jihad." Take a look at the terrorism ad they’re running in college newspapers (and see which schools refused to run it). Check out the resources available — links, videos, pamphlets, and books.

If you haven’t read David Horowitz’s book, Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left, I strongly recommend it. There aren’t many people who can speak more authoritatively about the New Left than Horowitz — he was one of its top intellectuals, after all. When the heavily-footnoted book mentioned how the editors of Root and Branch rationalized their continued support for Che Guevara after it became clear he was a Stalinist, the footnote for this claim explained that the author was one of those editors. As an ex-leftist, Horowitz has a wealth of valuable insights into the seemingly odd (on the surface) affinity of radical leftists for reactionary Islamofascists.

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One Response to “Islamic Mein Kampf”

  1. Steve D said

    It is incredible that the US is being so blind to the obvious. The movie stars that have sex with whom ever it takes to get to the top while they snort their cocaine and totally destroy all descency left in this country with their uneducated, unknowledgeable, and unethical commentaries are nothing more than an allie to the terrorists themselves. Let’s hear it for Hanoi Jane. Like she has something to worry about except her vast ego dying with her old age. These never have been to war politicians and those that have that “think we can perform a war with valid ethical rules and regulations” are as inept in decision making as their counter parts the movie stars. The two have one great thing in common; their EGO and great wealth that helps no one but themselves. Either we destroy Islam like they are swearing to do to us (the infadels – Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddahist, EVERYONE WHO IS NOT MUSLIM) and making the effort to do so, or we will fall like Rome. See Air Force Major Gen. (Dr.) Vernon Chong’s analysis (OUR GOVERNMENT)of what’s up with these sick-o hatred loving enemies of the Earth Muslims and realize the truth about what’s really going on. Youthink the NAZIS’ were trouble, well you’ve only seem the tip of the iceburg so far; 9/11, the burnt bodies dragged inthe street and hung from bridges, the televised beheading of innocent civilians. Breath deep the gathering gloom and horror. We are running out of time!..

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