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It’s not just a Republican war

Posted by Richard on March 28, 2007

At the Hugh Hewitt blog, Dean Barnett went to great pains to explain that MyDD is a responsible liberal blog, not a bunch of "lunatics and sociopaths," and to point out that MyDD is "influential far beyond its rather limited readership numbers." Barnett did so in order to put Ian Welsh's post into perspective.

Welsh chastised Sen. Hillary Clinton for being "pro-war" and for wanting "permanent bases" in Iraq "just as badly as the NeoCons." Barnett was struck by Welsh's reasoning:

Hillary’s purported policy prescriptions strike him as dangerously misguided, but listen why:

“Hillary's a pro-war candidate. And if Democrats nominate her, they will be nominating a pro-war candidate. And then the war will be a fully American war, not just a Republican one.

The last part of that statement, the part I bolded and italicized, is a rather remarkable admission. It’s even more amazing that Welsh makes that comment so casually, apparently unaware of its larger implications.

Almost certainly unwittingly, Welsh has revealed the moral atrophy that so afflicts the left. If you’ve gotten the sense that parts of the left and the Democratic Party are rooting against the war effort, now you know why. In their eyes, it’s not an American war; it’s a Republican one. And since it’s solely a Republican struggle, why not root against it? After all, if it goes poorly, the Democratic Party will surely prosper as a result.

Once again, the MyDD site is nothing like the Huffington Post. It offers mainstream liberal thought, not the addled barking of alienated misfits. And yet the fact that our men and women fighting in Iraq are Americans first, not Republicans or Democrats, seems to be completely beyond their comprehension.

All I can say is, gosh, Dean, does this really surprise you?? It doesn't surprise me at all. It seems to me that even the semi-rational (as opposed to moonbat) elements of the left have believed for some time that (1) 9/11 was a one-time incident, an aberration, (2) we're at war only because the Bush administration chooses to be at war, not because there is an organized enemy waging war against us, and therefore (3) if we simply withdraw our troops from Iraq, we'll no longer be at war.

In my humble opinion, these people are delusional and this is lunacy. But how do we prove that without doing irreparable harm to the cause of freedom and democracy in the Middle East and to our own security?

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