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Hillary’s memoir needs a name

Posted by Richard on June 3, 2017

Hillary Clinton hasn’t decided on a name for her memoir yet. Lots of helpful suggestions have been posted on Twitter, and Twitchy has collected some of them.

My favorite:

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“Fake but accurate”: another Clinton anti-gun fraud

Posted by Richard on October 23, 2016

The Podesta emails released by Wikileaks contain a wealth of examples of how dependent on fraud, fakery, and manipulation of a compliant press the Clinton campaign is. Gateway Pundit pointed out an example of interest to those of us concerned about our civil gun rights:

So much about Hillary’s campaign is fake, even some of her supporters. A blog posted to Medium in January was made to look like it was written by a Hillary supporter who was a victim of gun violence was actually orchestrated and written by her staff. Then the piece was customized for the person assigned as the author.


HT: Billlls Idle Mind, which appropriately labeled the Medium post as fantastic, according to one of the definitions of that word.

UPDATE: NRA-ILA reported this story along with a lot of other evidence from the leaked emails of the Clinton campaign’s commitment to make war on gun owners. See also their dissection of the preposterous lie Clinton told during the third debate when asked about her statement that the Supreme Court is “wrong on the Second Amendment.”

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Hillary’s health problem

Posted by Richard on September 15, 2016

First, there were weeks of recurring coughing fits (which prompted this gem from Mad Magazine). Then, she was rushed out of the 9/11 remembrance ceremony, and some private citizens recorded her collapsing and being dragged into a waiting van. She became overheated, her staff said. It was 77° at the time. Oh, she was dehydrated, they added, due to the pneumonia she was diagnosed with last Friday. That’s why she’s been so frail that she needs to be helped up steps and is always coughing.

So of course, that van rushed her to the nearest hospital emergency room to get IV fluids and be checked out, right? Um, no. They took her to her daughter’s apartment. An hour later she came out and danced a jig. And a small child just happened to walk toward her, so she exposed the child to her pneumonia in order to complete the photo op.

Bill filled in for her on the campaign trail and, having failed to get the pneumonia memo, talked about her “flu.”

If you’re confused and/or suspicious, some posts by Aesop at Raconteur Report will make you less confused (but much more suspicious). He apparently has expertise in emergency medicine, as well as some personal history that’s relevant. The first post from last Tuesday includes this about the latter (emphasis in original):

1) I’ve had actual “walking” pneumonia, for real. In my twenties.
It absolutely kicked my 20-year old ass, around the block, and down the hill.
Forget about what it would do to a corpulent 68-year old woman.
I did not, for instance, simply go into an air-conditioned apartment for an hour, and come bouncing back to normalcy, same day.
Not just no, but HELL NO.
I was put on a course of antibiotics for a week. I dropped half my college classes for a semester, and it took two weeks at home, doing abso-effing-lutely nothing, to get to where I could come back and struggle through the half that I didn’t drop.
And before and after I got to that point, I looked and felt like death warmed over, thinking I just had a bad chest cold. I did not, for example, look bright and perky in the morning, and then faint dead away in a matter of an hour and a half on a pleasant fall day.

After you’ve read the eight other important points he makes in that post (note: I think he was wrong about Chelsea’s apartment), read the follow-up from Wednesday. And then read today’s update regarding Hillary’s miraculous recovery. If, by the time you read this, Aesop has posted again, you’ll probably want to read that too.

Hillary’s real health problem isn’t her health per se. It’s that this health issue has further exposed the fact that Hillary and her campaign staff are, as Kurt Schlichter says in his latest must-read column, not even competent liars. Even Bill, once the world’s greatest prevaricator, has become maladroit.

Yet why should they bother? Why should Task Force Pantsuit expend any effort at all trying to construct convincing prevarications when the mainstream media is going to smile and nod at whatever they say? Without resistance, you aren’t going to get any stronger, and Clinton’s lies have just gotten weaker and weaker. For her, lying to the mainstream media is like weightlifting by pumping Styrofoam.

Personally, I think all the covering for them that their sycophants in the media can muster isn’t enough to hide the clumsiness of their lies from the public.

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Socialist, Democrat – “What difference does it make now, anyway?”

Posted by Richard on January 8, 2016


Video: Matthews discovers that Hillary can’t tell the difference between Democrats and socialists, either

By this time, Chris Matthews must be panicked. When he asked DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to explain the difference between Democrats and socialists, the MSNBC host expressed considerable angst that the party’s leading officer couldn’t do so. “I used to think there was a big difference,” Matthews lamented at the time.

Fast forward five months. Matthews posed the question to the party’s leading candidate for its presidential nomination, and … Hillary Clinton couldn’t explain it either. Who else can Matthews ask? Joe Manchin, please pick up the red courtesy phone:



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Kerry gives France “a big hug”; Hillary benefits most

Posted by Richard on January 17, 2015

Yesterday, Secretary of State John Kerry tried to make amends to the French people for the Obama administration’s non-participation in last Sunday’s massive pro-free-speech demonstration. He did so by saying he was there “to share a big hug with Paris” and by bringing James Taylor to sing “You’ve Got a Friend.”

No, really. In case you missed it (most of the MSM ignored this most awkward part of Kerry’s awkward visit), here’s the video of James Taylor singing while Kerry looks like the doofus he is:

[YouTube link]

If you couldn’t bring yourself to watch all 3½ minutes, I completely understand; neither could I.

Newsbusters called it “one of the most embarrassing moments in American diplomatic history” and a “bizarre attempt at international damage control.”

Hillary Clinton’s supporters must be thrilled, or at least relieved. Because, as Man with Axe noted on Twitter, this farce bumps her out of the top spot for a dubious distinction:



UPDATE: *snicker*

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Hillary’s FB friends help her list accomplishments

Posted by Richard on April 24, 2014

Lots of people have been having a good laugh about the fact that neither Hillary Clinton nor a State Department spokesperson could come up with an answer when asked to name her accomplishments. But Herman Cain has come up with by far the funniest take on the issue. It’s a must-read, must-laugh, and might just bring tears to your eyes.

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Don’t ban “bossy,” ban bossiness

Posted by Richard on March 17, 2014

A week or so ago, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg started a campaign to ban the word “bossy” (apparently, Sandberg isn’t familiar with the First Amendment). Allegedly, the patriarchy uses the word to stigmatize girls who assert themselves, or something like that.

A number of people have pointed out that Sandberg is a major Hillary Clinton supporter and donor, and speculated that this plays into her motives. Glenn Reynolds described it as “astroturf battlespace preparation for Hillary.” And suggested an appropriate bumpersticker, which promptly came into existence:

Ban Bossy Hillary bumpersticker

But my favorite comment on the “ban bossy” idea is from Steven Hayward (emphasis in original):

So we’re supposed to ban “bossy” from our vocabulary, eh?  This, coming from the same folks who imposed the mandate that we all buy health insurance from government-run exchanges, and dictate exactly what that insurance policy must have in it.  I mean, if liberalism today isn’t about being bossy, then it hardly has a reason for being. …

Just about the bossiest person I can think of is Michael Bloomberg. By all means, let’s ban bossiness.

UPDATE: Apparently, the people who want to ban “bossy” have no problem with using it to describe white male Republicans.

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Mocking Mormons vs. mocking Muslims

Posted by Richard on September 20, 2012

Hillary Clinton denounced a laughably amateurish little YouTube video mocking Islam as “disgusting and reprehensible,” and it’s been repeatedly condemned by the Obama administration and all good liberals. But liberals’ condemnations of the mocking of religion are highly selective, as the Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens pointed out:

‘Hasa Diga Eebowai” is the hit number in Broadway’s hit musical “The Book of Mormon,” which won nine Tony awards last year. What does the phrase mean? I can’t tell you, because it’s unprintable in a family newspaper.

On the other hand, if you can afford to shell out several hundred bucks for a seat, then you can watch a Mormon missionary get his holy book stuffed—well, I can’t tell you about that, either. Let’s just say it has New York City audiences roaring with laughter.

The “Book of Mormon”—a performance of which Hillary Clinton attended last year, without registering a complaint—comes to mind as the administration falls over itself denouncing “Innocence of Muslims.” This is a film that may or may not exist; whose makers are likely not who they say they are; whose actors claim to have known neither the plot nor purpose of the film; and which has never been seen by any member of the public except as a video clip on the Internet.

No matter. The film, the administration says, is “hateful and offensive” (Susan Rice), “reprehensible and disgusting” (Jay Carney) and, in a twist, “disgusting and reprehensible” (Hillary Clinton). Mr. Carney, the White House spokesman, also lays sole blame on the film for inciting the riots that have swept the Muslim world and claimed the lives of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three of his staff in Libya.

So let’s get this straight: In the consensus view of modern American liberalism, it is hilarious to mock Mormons and Mormonism but outrageous to mock Muslims and Islam. Why? Maybe it’s because nobody has ever been harmed, much less killed, making fun of Mormons.

Read the whole thing.

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Obama administration ignored warning about attacks

Posted by Richard on September 12, 2012

The Obama administration and their media lapdogs are more interested in condemning Mitt Romney than in condemning the 7th-century barbarian jihadists who attacked a US embassy and consulate, killing a US ambassador and three of his staff. They’re no doubt also making sure that their media lapdogs divert attention away from their shameful disinterest in national security leading up to these attacks, including their failure to heed a clear warning that such attacks could be expected (emphasis added):

Islamic mobs that stormed the U.S. Embassy in Egypt and the U.S. consulate in Libya on the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, murdering the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, said they were doing so because they were enraged by an obscure, Internet movie that mocked Muhammed.

But a closer examination of the evidence indicates al-Qaeda orchestrated these attacks, and the movie was just a bogus excuse used to trigger the widespread violence. Even worse, it seems al-Qaeda telegraphed these attacks, and the Obama administration still got caught flat-footed, unaware of the terror group’s strength in the region, missing key signals and clues that were out in the open.

One day before September 11, al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahri posted a 42-minute video on Jihadist forums urging Libyans to attack Americans to avenge the death of Abu Yahya al-Libi, the terror organization’s second-in-command, whom U.S. drones killed in June of 2012 in Pakistan.

In the video, al-Zawahri said al-Libi’s “blood is calling, urging and inciting you to fight and kill the Crusaders,” leading up to a date heralded and celebrated by radical Islamists.

Another version of the video was actually posted on YouTube on September 9 and yet, President Barack Obama, who has not attended an intelligence briefing since September 5, and his administration did not beef up security at the embassy and consulate on September 11. There were no Marines present to protect Americans abroad, as the Islamic mobs overwhelmed what little security presence there was.

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Sign the petition to defund radical Islamists

Posted by Richard on September 12, 2012

From Steve Elliot, Grassfire Nation (via email; emphasis in original):

This is a sad and disturbing day. On the anniversary of 9/11, America is once again under assault by the Muslim jihad. U.S. embassies were attacked and our citizens killed by radical Islamic extremists while our own Embassy in Egypt apologized for any offense a private movie may have caused to Muslims.

Let’s be clear — these despicable attacks amount to acts of war against our nation. These coordinated attacks by radical Islamic extremists on U.S. Embassies resulted in the invasion of U.S. soil, the desecration of U.S. property including our flag, and the murder of U.S. citizens. 

Yet for hours, Obama was silent. Instead, he left it to Hillary Clinton to condemn the attacks. But even Hillary couldn’t condemn without also apologizing! She essentially re-stated the apology issued by the Embassy in Egypt that the Obama administration later disavowed!

Even in Obama’s statement today, he included a thinly-veiled apology.

But that’s not the worst of it….

+ + Our Tax Dollars Are Funding Our Attackers!

Perhaps most offensive of all is that OUR TAX DOLLARS are directly and indirectly funding these attacks on our nation.

For too many years, the U.S. government has pumped billions of dollars into countries whose leaders and people are openly hostile to our way of life. For example, this Spring the Obama regime waived “democracy requirements” to free up $1.5 BILLION in aid to the Muslim Brotherhood-led Egyptian government.


+ + Emergency Petition To Stop Funding For Egypt And Syria

Grassfire Nation is launching an EMERGENCY PETITION calling for Congress and the President to CEASE AND DESIST any and all funding to Egypt or Syria. PLEASE GO HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION:

We expect key votes in Congress THIS WEEK so we must have your petition immediately.

Again…. this is an OUTRAGE. We are funding countries led by radical Islamic extremists whose people are openly attacking U.S. embassies and killing U.S. citizens. And our Secretary of State is apologizing!

As a first step, we must demand that Congress STOP sending our tax dollars to Egypt and Syria.

Please sign the petition and then alert your friends.

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US to blind Chinese dissident: Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out

Posted by Richard on May 2, 2012

Apparently, the Obama State Department was so desperate to get Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng out of the American Embassy in Beijing without further pissing off the Chinese government that they were willing to do or say almost anything. Including, according to Chen, passing along the Chinese government’s death threats against his wife.

The story isn’t playing well. Hillary Clinton’s visit to China looks to be something less than a diplomatic triumph. The Obama administration is about as good at negotiating this kind of public relations minefield as they are at stimulating the economy.

When they can’t get the “newspaper of record” to cover for them, you know they’ve screwed up.

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That remarkable HillBuzz letter

Posted by Richard on October 29, 2010

Neo-neocon linked to it succinctly:

Wow. Just wow.

I couldn't agree more. Click that link and read. 

Here's an idea for a political action committee you never thought would exist: "Gay Democrats for Palin"

How about it, Kevin DuJan? Wouldn't you like to add "Founder and President of Gay Democrats for Palin" to your resumé?

UPDATE: I suppose "LGBT Democrats for Palin" would be more inclusive, but it just doesn't have the same ring to it. 🙂

HT: David Aitken, via email 

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Secretary of State Clinton?

Posted by Richard on November 15, 2008

"There are many things my father taught me here in this room. He taught me: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." — Michael Corleone in The Godfather: Part II

Today's big story/rumor/speculation — Barack Obama is considering offering the Secretary of State job to Hillary Clinton:

Two Democratic officials confirmed that Clinton – long rumored to be a contender for the job – is under serious consideration.

Adding to the intrigue, Obama and Clinton met yesterday in Chicago, according to a Democratic official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release the information.

I've heard several pundits say this would be a great pick because of her foreign policy credentials. Huh? Did I miss something? Or are they referring to tagging along with her hubby on various globetrotting trips as foreign policy experience?

And how would Obama reconcile such a choice with his sharp differences with Hillary on foreign policy in particular? Oh, I forgot. He won't have to because the media will give him a pass on that. 

It could be a shrewd plan to make sure she's in no position to challenge Obama in 2012, if he drives disastrously leftward and recreates the Carter years in spades (pardon the expression).  

It's unclear whether Clinton would even want the position. And some wondered if the Obama camp – which is very disciplined about unwanted leaks – is simply trying to compliment her by suggesting she's in the running.

If she wants to keep the options open for another run, she'll turn down the offer — if it comes.

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Posted by Richard on August 27, 2008

No, I didn't watch the speech. But I read Stephen Green's drunkblogging of it. I'm pretty certain that was the right decision. Especially after seeing a picture of her in that orange pants-suit. As Green put it, "With those hips and that suit, she looks like a highway cone."

According to Glenn Reynolds, "TV talking-heads seem to think her endorsement of Obama was minimal," which surprises me not at all.

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Protecting fragile, delicate Hillary

Posted by Richard on November 14, 2007

Hillary "I am woman, hear me roar" Rodham Clinton, the smartest woman in the world, the idol of feminists, the tough-as-nails broad who makes Republican fat cats quake in their Armanis, sure does seem to rely a lot on planted softball questions, friendly reporters' softball questions, and — on the rare occasion when she's asked a substantive question — scores of outraged supporters rallying to her defense and savaging the ogre who dared to confront her.

Jonah Goldberg:

First the Clinton campaign whines that the other candidates were picking on the girl. Then, standing up to Russert is like standing up to Hitler. Then Bill Clinton compared Russert to the Swift Boat Vets. Now the Clinton campaign is warning Wolf Blizter that he better not "pull a Russert." From Drudge:

CNN's Wolf Blitzer has been warned not to focus Thursday's Dem debate on Hillary. 'This campaign is about issues, not on who we can bring down and destroy,' top Clinton insider explains. 'Blitzer should not go down to the levels of character attack and pull 'a Russert.'' Blitzer is set to moderate debate from Vegas, with questions also being posed by Suzanne Malveaux… Developing… 

Again, can someone please explain to me, how asking the junior Senator from New York state whether she agrees with the governor of the state (and a close political ally) on the question of drivers licenses for illegals is even remotely wrong, never mind some sort of vicious, Nazi-like, personal assault on truth, decency, and Hillary Clinton's integrity? I really, really, don't get it

I don't get it either. Characterizing a simple, straightforward "Do you agree with Governor Spitzer?" question about an issue in the news as a "character attack" is straight out of Bizarro World.

But I've got some advice for Wolf Blitzer, especially if he chooses to ignore the warning and treat Sen. Clinton just like any other candidate: Wolf, if an anonymous source wants to meet with you in Fort Marcy Park, don't go! 

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