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Joe Walsh wins

Posted by Richard on November 18, 2010

By the narrowest of margins, Joe Walsh has defeated Rep. Melissa Bean in Illinois' 8th District congressional race. Bean conceded today after the final vote tally showed that Walsh won by 291 votes out of more than 200,000 cast. In October, I posted about Walsh and donated to his campaign. Visit that post to watch what I described as "one of the most effective one-minute videos I've seen in a while." Here's his six-point campaign pledge:

  1. I will not serve more than 3 terms in the House (6 years), if so privileged.
  2. I will not receive any health plans or retirement benefits that only congressmen get and that aren’t available to all Americans.
  3. I will not vote for any legislation which increases the size of government or isn’t supported by the Constitution.
  4. I will never add an earmark to any bill.
  5. I will always speak my mind and tell my constituents the truth.
  6. I will always be accessible to my constituents and hold town halls on a regular basis, in good times or bad

I'm very pleased that Walsh eked out a well-deserved victory. I expect that he'll be one of the stars of the big freshman class in the next Congress. 

UPDATE (11/19): In honor of Jed's clever comment (below), here's a classic 70s performance by Joe Walsh — the other Joe Walsh — of his signature song. Turn it up! 

[YouTube link]

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2 Responses to “Joe Walsh wins”

  1. jed said

    And he won’t leave the ladies crying ’cause the story’s sad.

  2. rgcombs said

    Ooh, good one! I think that calls for a song! Post update coming up.

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