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Libertarian what??

Posted by Richard on July 19, 2005

Eric was bemused by this "Libertarian Communist" site:

… How on earth does that work. After all, among other things, libertarians believe in the right to property and communism is adamantly opposed to private property or an individual’s right to property. 

Maybe I’m just confused and you guys can help me understand?

Eric, Eric — you’re attempting to apply reason and logic. There’s no place for reason and logic among the libertarian communists.

Besides, that’s not even the most bizarre misuse of the word "libertarian." I submit that the prize goes to the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party. I defy anyone to top that one.

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3 Responses to “Libertarian what??”

  1. Anonymous said

    Whooziwazzle? Libertarian Nazi Greenies?

    Was that some kinda joke?

  2. eugene said

    Libertarian was originally used in Europe to refer to anarchists, when the use of the term anarchist was banned. The only confusion is when it was adopted in America to define republicans of the Goldwater variety. Rather than the pro labour pro working class Republicans of Lincoln’s party of free labour. I’m not confused at all.

    As for our Nazi buds they are linked to a small but voracious sect in Russia, see what happens when authoritarian regimes collapse and their is no anarchist communist alternative.

  3. Anonymous said

    No joke, LC, they’re real. Flags of the World even catalogs their flag.

    Eugene, I’m reasonably familiar with the anarchist tradition in Europe — at least in Russia (Bakunin, Kropotkin). But analyzing the components of the word itself suggests that there are some issues re communism and nothing but contradictions re national socialism.

    ”’Liber”’-tarian contrasts with ”’authori”’-tarian. A libertarian, by definition, rejects the idea of an authoritarian state.

    Someone who chooses to ”’completely ignore the empirical evidence”’ can argue, I suppose, that communism doesn’t ”’require”’ the compulsion of an authoritarian state… I don’t have to take such arguments seriously, however.

    As for a non-authoritarian Nazi… well, the mind boggles. And the giggling inevitably begins.

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