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Liquid launch

Posted by Richard on March 8, 2007

I knew my home entertainment system was missing a few components: HD DVD and Blu-Ray players, game consoles, HD radio tuner, another speaker to make it 7.1, …

Here's a component I didn't realize I needed — a beer-launching refrigerator!

Have you ever gotten up off the couch to get a beer for the umpteenth time and thought, "What if instead of ME going to get the BEER, the BEER came to ME???" Well, that was how I first conceived of the beer launching fridge. About 3 months and several hundred dollars later I have a fully automated, remote controlled, catapulting, man-pit approved, beer launching mini-fridge.

Watch the video — this gadget is pretty amazing:

Robotic Beer Launching RefrigeratorClick here for more home videos

Inventor John W. Cornwell has come up with a number of other interesting devices, including the pneumatic tennis ball cannon (AKA potato launcher).

Cornwell is considering a limited manufacturing run of the beer-launching fridge. He anticipates a price around $1500. Hmmm. My birthday is in August. If my legions of loyal readers got together and each kicked in a few bucks a month …

'Cause, you know, I've just got to quit being so physically active, or I might get all lean and muscular.

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