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Maest dropped from EPA conference, AFP protest still on

Posted by Richard on April 3, 2012

The out-of-control Environmental Protection Agency is holding a conference in Denver to “examine and discuss current and future environmental issues which provide opportunities for efficient resource extraction, mine closure, and for the remediation of abandoned mines.” One of the featured speakers, Boulder’s Ann Maest, has withdrawn (or was eased out) in the wake of strong criticism over her inclusion.

Maest is a defendant in a RICO lawsuit by Chevron. She and her cohorts allegedly fabricated evidence and intimidated judges in furtherance of a lawsuit against Chevron’s operations in the Amazon and then lied to cover up their wrongdoing. The evidence against them appears to be strong.

Of course, the EPA has simply replaced her on the program with one of her co-conspirators against Chevron.

The Americans for Prosperity “Occupy the EPA: Give Red Tape a Rest” rally is still on, despite Maes’ departure from the conference program. It will take place at noon Wednesday at the conference site, the Renaissance Denver Hotel, 3801 Quebec Street. If you’re not busy working for a living many miles away (like I am, unfortunately), why don’t you join them? For quite some time, but especially under Obama, the EPA has done more to strangle our economy than just about any other agency.

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