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More notable debate reaction

Posted by Richard on October 4, 2012

Nancy Pelosi claimed Obama won the debate. No, really. She said it with a straight face. A very Botoxed, practically immobile, straight face.

Al Gore blamed the altitude for Obama’s poor performance. No, really. He said it with a straight face. His usual, no Botox needed, straight face.

Chris Matthews “freaked out” and argued that Obama’s problem is he doesn’t watch enough MSNBC. No, really. He said it with his usual freaked-out face.

Rush Limbaugh said Obama “came off even worse in his debate with Romney last night than he did in his debate with Clint Eastwood.”

Jimmy Kimmel said the only thing that could have saved Obama is if the body of Osama bin Laden had dropped from the ceiling.

My theory on Obama’s poor performance: He practiced for the debate with John Kerry. So he was fully prepared to debate someone like John Kerry.

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2 Responses to “More notable debate reaction”

  1. I got a kick out of this observation by Ace of Spades:

    “Romney’s real sin was resorting to an age-old cheap debating tactic, called ‘The Coherent Sentence.’ Obama, being a very ethical fellow, refrained from such chicanery.”

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